How to Activate WhatsApp Video Calling Feature

WhatsApp video Call : There is no wonder that users are trying to search for WhatsApp Video Calling feature as WhatsApp is making tremendous changes after the acquisition by the Facebook. If you don’t have WhatsApp in your phone you must download and install it. After the introduction of voice calling feature, expectations on WhatsApp went very high. Most probably with in a couple of months we may get WhatsApp Video Calling  feature on our phones.Are you using WhatsApp web version for PC ? You can use it on favourite browsers.

Download WhatsApp Video Calling Apk Free – Latest Update

WhatsApp developers are working on some voice calling issues. After fixing those issues they might come up with the idea of Video call. The Video Calling Feature should be available by now. But lets see, we don’t know what is going behind the scenes. Lets hope we’ll get it as soon as possible.

whatsapp video calling feature

WhatsApp Video Calling Apk Download – Activate Free Video Call Feature

WhatsApp Video Calling Apk Download – Activate Free Video Call Feature

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Steps to Activate WhatsApp Video Calling Feature :

Before activating Video Calling Feature on WhatsApp ,You need to update to latest version of the WhatsApp Here.

Step #1: After installing the latest version of WhatsApp, the video calling feature is automatically added to the application.

Step #2 : To make Video calls on WhatsApp, make sure your friends/family are also having the latest version of whatsApp installed on their phone.

Step #3 : If they don’t have the latest version of the app, you can invite them to update WhatsApp video call download free apk.

Thoughts on WhatsApp Video Call :

WhatsApp video calling feature allows users to make video calls for free. However some data charges may apply. A minute of WhatsApp call eats 0.15MB to 0.2MB of 3G data and 0.35MB of 2G data. This means a 5 minute call of WhatsApp may be charged around Re 5 in Indian Currency. Though the quality of the call in 3G is decent but as far as the 2G is concerned, there is a considerable amount of lag.

The new WhatsApp Video Call interface is similar to the regular call UI of your Android phones. Call records will be automatically saved to the device. If a users gets a regular call while on WhatsApp call, he call runs for few seconds in the background and automatically closes on its own.

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Alternatives to WhatsApp Video Call :

While there is no lack of IM apps with video calling, what would make the WhatsApp Video calling feature worth waiting for is, its ability to double as a live streaming service. This comes close on the heels of Meerkat and Periscope which are creating quite a buzz with their live-streaming abilities.

Note : Keep visiting below link to stay updated with the news about WhatsApp Video Calling Features. In no time The feature will be added to the App.

Download Free WhatsApp Video calling apk

Final Wrap :

The plans to bring video calling to WhatsApp are still in its closed alpha stage and it is being tested within a closed group of employees and the company is expected to roll out a beta version in the next few months, said a DFA report citing an unnamed WhatsApp source.

PS: Lets wait for the official announcement from the WhatsApp Team. With huge demand for whatsApp video call,so many fake websites are coming on the line. Don’t share your confidential details anywhere on the internet.

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