MovieBox for iOS 9 – 9.1 without jailbreak – (iPhone/iPod/iPad)

Hey there.Today we are going to learn How to get MovieBox for iOS 9 – 9.1 without jailbreak –
(iPhone/iPod/iPad).For those who don’t know,Moviebox is an increasingly popular app which acts
as a portal to stream huge number of quality movies and TV Shows on iPhones and iPads.

Download MovieBox for ios 9 without jailbreak:

As i mentioned earlier,MovieBox for ios 9 works without jailbreak.This means,you don’t have to
make any changes for your iPhone or iPad.


moviebox on ios 9 iphone ipad

MovieBox for ios 9 for iphone ipod and ipad

There are two ways you can install MovieBox on your iPhones or iPads running ios 9-9.1.Either you can
download and install MovieBox from vShare app Store or you can download directly from the
website.We will discuss both the ways here.stay tuned..

Alternatives to MovieBox :

You can consider ShowBox, PlayBox and Popcorn Time as alternatives to MovieBox iPhone app. Show
Box, Popcorn Time and Play Box are a couple of those apps which are extremely popular for iPhone,
iPad and iPod Touch and even for Android devices as well. I would recommend to look those
alternatives too.

Install MovieBox for ios 9 from vShare :

To download MovieBox from vShare you will need to have vShare app installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Must Read : How to get vShare on ios 9.

Step #1 : Open vShare App on your iPhone or iPad and search for MovieBox App.


Step #2 : click on download.give it couple of seconds,depending up on your connection it will be downloaded.

Step #3 : After Movie Box is downloaded.Go to Movie Box app and Tap will give you a pop up asking you whether to install,click on install that’s it.

Step #4 : Go to profiles and trust it.That’s it now you can use Movie Box on your iPhone or iPad.

How to install MovieBox for ios 9-9.1 (iPhone,iPod,iPad) :

So Here is very easy method.

Step #1 : Launch your safari browser and type in and click Go.give it a couple of seconds to the page to load up

moviebox for ios 9 without jailbreak

moviebox on ios 9 without jailbreak

Step #2 : .Here you will see Install App,just click on that.If a pop up popups, click on install one more time.

Now go to Home Screen ,There you can see MovieBox installing on your Device.

moviebox on ios 9

Step #3 : After the installation is over.You will see a pop up “Untrusted App Developer”.If you see this message click on Trust.And Finally

Step #4 : Go to Settings–>Profiles–>MovieBox–>select the certificate and enable it.

Thats it Now you have already followed my Guide How to get MovieBox on iOS 9 – 9.1 without jailbreak scucesfully  .I think MovieBox for ios 9 working completely fine.

if you encountered any problem please lets us know in the comment section below.If you find it helpful please share it with your friends.


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