Showbox for Windows Phone : Here’s How to Install

Hello friends, Today we are going to learn How to Download and Install Showbox for Windows Phone. ShowBox is an Android app that allows streaming Movies and TV shows easily. A free showbox app developed for helping people and let them watch their choice of video online. The concept behind the showbox apk is very simple and has many more awesome features. It has got some tremendous designed Interface which re engages users to stream and watch movies.

Windows OS is one among the best modern mobile OS, still it does not have enough resources to watch free movies online or stream them. However, you can still get Showbox for Windows Phone. And you can use Showbox App on Nokia Lumia 635, HTC or any other windows Phone. Now the way you get this is very simple. Note , it will only work for Windows Phones with OS version 8.0 and up.
showbox for windows phone - 1box

Awesome Features of Showbox for Windows Phone :

  • It is a user-friendly app, and has a simple installation process.
  • No login or sign up is required.
  • Thousands of HD quality Movies and TV Shows
  • Separate download manager to store the downloaded files
  • Download and share it with friends or family.
  • Update option assists you to update latest movies, TV shows and other videos regularly.
  • My library helps us to save our own library and watch next items.
  • You can filter the movies and TV Shows in numerous ways.
  • TV shows and movie show category helps you to browse TV shows of favourite choice.

How to Install Showbox [apk] for Windows Phone :

ShowBox app is an awesome mobile app which is considered to be the best Movie and TV show stream service which let you watch anything for free. But wait do you actually know , how to get this app on your Windows Phone or even on Windows OS.

But the bad part is ShowBox isn’t released for Windows Phone OS either, so sorry fellow guys. Hey! But wait why not download the best alternative of Showbox for Windows Phone.

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Download 1 Box for Windows Phone :

1 Box app does the same job as of ShowBox to let you stream, watch movies long time. To be frank, I even like 1 Box app because it is easy to install and everything is same as in Showbox ! Also you are downloading through your very own and trusted Microsoft Store. So all you have to do is install the app by following by simple steps below and spend some quality time watching movies right on your Windows Phone.

Step #1 : Head into search bar and type 1 Box and click Go. You will get some results. Select the link with 1 Box Windows Apps on Microsoft Store title and click it


download showbox for windows phone

Step #2 : Scroll down a little , you can see click on Get the app. It will be download and installed with in a few minutes.

Step #3 : After installing it will show you to View the App. Click on View and that’s it. You have showbox.

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How to Use 1 Box on Windows Phone:

So to find your movie of choice, you can either search for the movie title term using their search bar or use Labels to find it manually. Each movie or TV show has different ratings which allow you to suggest and select the best one. Not just TV series but you can exactly select to watch any of the missed episode of your favourite Show. This app has become real beauty for me; I never have to wait for Netflix to load more movies while I can watch them right on my windows phone and that too for free of cost.

That’s all with How to Download and Install best alternative to Showbox for Windows Phone. If you have any problem installing please let us know in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share it with your friends.


  1. The 1box has been removed from the windows phone store

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