What did you know about “192-168-1.1” address?

It can hardly be denied that If you are an information technology student, you’ve probably heard about In general, is the default address for your own Linksys router. So, What is its use; How is it formed?; how to use it?. Please don’t ignore this article.

What is What is its use? is the IP address-abbreviation of Internet Protocol. The same as computers, network devices also have a secondary IP address used to access and perform configuration settings and device management. Normally, each manufacturer of the wifi device will default an address to manage. In addition to the function as the default address to access device management, IP address (192.168.x.1) is also the default gateway. is the IP address

One of the reasons you should log in to the page by default is to change the default router password. You can reconfigure all options including DNS, QoS, IP, Proxy, DSL, LAN or WLAN, PPPOE, WPS, DHCP, MAC for your own network.

 If you use the Linksys manufacturer’s router, you will probably have as the default router’s IP address.

How is it formed?

Initially, IPv4 addresses are categorized according to different sections. For example, can be separated into four parts. In binary, IP has the form of 11000000 10101000 00000001 | 00000001.

There is no denying that the internet is more and more grows, thus more and more websites are created. Due to that, the list of IPv4 addresses is exhausted quickly. That’s why the address was born.

How to login router administration page with

The first, you must ensure that you have connected the router to the computer with an ethernet cable. Note that there are several routers that have the option of connecting to the computer via wireless signals but Linksys has turned off this option.

Next, you need to turn on your router. Then wait for all the light signals to light up on the router interface. After that open the browser you have such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, .etc.

Finally, enter the link and search. It will take you to the default homepage of your router. But when you do this step, you will have to enter the default login username and password of the router.

What are the reasons you cannot log in to

In fact, you need to make sure you use the Linksys router and your default port is The fastest way to find the private IP address that your router uses is to open the windows terminal.

To access the windows terminal, click on the search icon and  type into the text ” cmd” and press Enter. You should see what your standard gateway IP address is after type in “ipconfig.”. You cannot login to this address if it is To fix that, you need to reset. There is a physical button on your router called “Reset”. This button is encrypted in red. To proceed with the reinstallation, you need most and keep the “reset” button for about 10 seconds. The LED will blink while you hold the “reset” button. Finally, try logging in to your router again with the address is the default address for your own Linksys router. Source:

Change the default username and password

To change the default username and password, you need to log in to the admin page of specifically using the default username and password. The admin page will have different sections including the section where you can change the default username and password.

Why must you change your password?

The default password on page is set with the easiest option to exchange for maximum convenience for memorization.

That’s why anyone can log in to it just by guessing. By changing the default password, you will set up the network protection line first and keep all your private data from malicious attempts.

Overall, the above is all you need to know about the “” address

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