3 Myths About People Who Buy Steroids in Canada

Face it, anabolic steroids are stigmatized and excluded from the typical fitness life as «cheating». Still, more than half of modern bodybuilders use steroids. 

Even though we support the fair competition idea and won’t try to advocate the complete unbanning of steroids, there’s still one trend that needs to be countered: myths about all steroid users. 

Here are some popular statements about people who buy steroids in Canada and why they are wrong. But first – little basic. 

What are Steroids 

There are many types of steroidal compounds, including Corticosteroids, but people who buy steroids in Canada most often look for performance enhancement compounds with high anabolic properties. 

Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids (aka AAS) are synthetic hormonal substances that give a person who decided to buy steroids in Canada multiple benefits. 

Anabolic Steroids Benefits

Since most AAS mimic natural Testosterone in action, the list of positive effects includes: 

  • Boost in muscle growth; 
  • Strength gains; 
  • Enhanced endurance; 
  • Body recomposition; 
  • Body fat decrease; 
  • Better look and results. 

It sounds absolutely like cheating, right? Steroids can give you a real advantage, and if you plan to compete or getting on stage – one of the worst ideas that can come to your mind is to buy steroids in Canada. It’s pretty much unfair (natural athletes just can’t get the same results at the same time, physically), and also – you’ll probably get banned for it. 

Anabolic Steroids Side Effects List 

Incorrect use of anabolic steroids also has side effects. Multiple nasty conditions and effects can damage your quality of life. Some people who buy steroids in Canada end up with zero gains and one (or multiple) side effects from a long list: 

  • Gynecomastia (male tits); 
  • Sleep issues, insomnia or sleepiness during the day; 
  • Chronic mental health damage; 
  • Erectile disfunction (temporary or life-long); 
  • Natural testosterone deficiency (again, the one that lasts a month or chronic); 
  • Aggression issues; 
  • Liver damage; 
  • Heart and blood pressure issues. 

There are reasons to buy steroids in Canada, but to be fair – there are reasons to stay away from any sort of anabolic steroids as well. People who buy steroids in Canada know it and willingly play the «big risk – big gains» game. That’s why we believe that stigmatizing them (instead of the compounds) is not a good thing. Here are some notable examples — and, of course, why are they wrong. 

Myth Number 1: All Steroid Users are Dumb

This is just partially true. Some people who buy steroids in Canada are definitely dumb: they want everything for nothing, take steroids mindlessly, get the side effects and quit as soon as their dick stops working. These people exist, so the myth is PARTIALLY true. 

Intelligent and reasonable athletes, though, BEFORE they buy steroids in Canada, spend a ton of time researching the topic. Their target is the most effective steroid cycle with as few consequences as possible. And it’s real. You just need to know about 50% of something that a medical school graduate knows: 

  • How 19-nortestosterone will affect your prolactin; 
  • Whether you can mix two 17-alpha-alkylated compounds together, like Methandienone and Oxandrolone, or not, and what effects it will cause on HDL and LDL ratio; 
  • What ester tail – Propionate, Enanthate, or Cypionate – will be a better base for Stanozolol; 
  • Whether you need a dihydrotestosterone-based substance now with your Methandienone or not; 
  • What selective estrogen receptor modulator will work better with Trenbolone acetate, and why is it Clomiphene citrate. 

Steroid users need to know (and not just know about them, but UNDERSTAND) each of these terms and many more. Their health and sex life are at stake. 

There are just a few ready-to-go solutions out there. Planning, risk management, and counterbalancing the possible health issues, as well as calculating the perfect dose or timing, are supposed to be the result of your own research. People who buy steroids in Canada and dive into this complicated world of medical terms and body functions are anything but dumb. 

Myth Number 2: People Who buy steroids in Canada Can’t Get an Erection

Erectile dysfunction is one of the many side effects that testosterone suppression can bring you. But practically, it’s rare and says a lot about the quality of the research. There are numerous ways to avoid Testosterone suppression that one should know before they decide to buy steroids in Canada: 

Post-cycle therapy helps to prevent erection issues; 

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is one of the nuclear measures in restoring normal testicular functions; 

Careful dosing of the anabolic steroids also helps avoid it since sex drive issues primarily manifest on high doses only. 

The compound choice plays a crucial role here. Some steroids, like Deca Durabolin or Trenbolone, have side effects, called Deca Dick or Tren Dick. Those are fancy names for temporary erectile dysfunction. Other steroids, like Anavar (aka Oxandrolone) or Winstrol, are known to cause mild to no sex life side effects. 

The bottom line is simple: while SOME people can get SOME erection issues because of SOME steroids, it doesn’t mean that ALL people ALWAYS get it from ALL steroids. It’s way more complicated, and there are means to avoid it completely. 

Myth Number 3: Athletes That Use Steroids Are Aggressive

While this claim is GENERALLY valid, there is a logical mistake: athletes that use steroids are not aggressive because of steroids. Steroid users are generally more aggressive because most of them are athletes. 

Aggression is often associated with high testosterone levels in men simply because this hormone triggers the brain area that is responsible for aggression. Here’s a remarkable full-scale study on the aggression and Testosterone connection

Physical activity – such as working out, whether it’s weightlifting or cardio – significantly raises Testosterone. That’s why the massive guys often act like complete jerks. Pure physiology. 

Even though it’s true, SOME people who buy steroids in Canada still can get an aggression boost from the compounds. It happens because of the direct steroidal effects on the central nervous system. However, it is – again – not that simple. 

  1. Mild and average doses of the most popular anabolic steroids won’t automatically turn people into walking dynamite. Exposure to HIGH doses, for a LONG period, most probably will; 
  2. Aggression is not the only issue that people who buy steroids in Canada have to deal with: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, drop in self-esteem, all kinds of mental side effects are equally on the list. 

The thing is — steroids are not exactly aggression triggers. They push mental health in the direction that it’s leaning to. If you’re generally a douche – you’ll turn into an even bigger douche. And if you’re a calm, introverted person, you can expect a push in this exact direction as well. 


If you want to buy steroids in Canada, take a closer look at people that – you think – are steroid users. We can give you a 100% guarantee that: 

  • Not all of them will be aggressive jerks; 
  • Not all of them will have erection problems; 
  • Not all of them will be stupid. 

You’ll most likely find some calm, well-educated people that will be smart enough not to brag about their sex life (and not believe cliches). 

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