4 Watches With the Most Unconventional Displays in 2021

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Watchmaking is a creative skill, and if you are in the business side of this industry, you’re probably watching the creativity happen from the backseat. At the very least, this is what most people would like to think.

Well, regardless of what we may believe, there are some watchmakers out there (often the ones that work independently) who are always willing to take it up a notch and revolutionize how time is observed and perceived.

Some of these creative ideas literally change the face of time or manage to introduce us to create complex mechanisms that never fail to entertain us. Well, we’ve put together some examples of the most recently manufactured unconventional designs that are taking over traditional timepieces.

1.   Konstantin Chaykin Minotaur Special Chinese New Year

Konstantin Chaykin is an independent watchmaker from Russia, and he is renowned for designing the most intriguing and complex wristwatches. Have a look at their Cinema Watch, which actually plays a movie of a man on a horse, or their Genus Temporis, where the minutes and the hours are being indicated by just one dial. With this brand, you can always expect something exciting to be going on.

Chaykin’s latest design is called the Minotaur Special Chinese New Year 2021, which is an entirely new chapter in the downright fun and successful Wristmons collection, which also includes the Mouse King and Joker watches.

Aptly named, the Minotaur builds upon the Greek legend where King Minos betrayed the God of the Sea, Poseidon. To remind us of this legend, this watch features 2 discs that mimic a set of eyes. Each of the eyes is dedicated to indicating the minutes and the hours, giving you a vivid image every time you turn your writes.

2.   Urwerk Ur-100v Blue Planet

When it comes to the most unconventional displays we have come across to date, we can not ignore the Urwerk. Urwerk is yet another independent watchmaker who has been credited for finding some ingenious methods of playing with how time is read and depicted.

Urwerk has managed to come up with some super complex timepieces, and they have still managed to be among the most avant-garde watches in the market. Typically, these watches depict time using some kind of satellite system. Try imaging rotating hour cubes, retrograde pointers, and rollers.

Urwerk’s Blue Planet happens to be among the most recent models that have emerged from this brand, and it has the same creative design as its predecessors. Let us paint you a picture.

The case is navy blue and made from PVD-coated steel. The dial has a protective domed sapphire crystal that encapsulates retrograde minutes and wandering satellites so you can read time while also seeing the Earth’s orbital and rotational distance based on a 20-minute scale. The watchmaker put their heart and soul into designing this piece and you can instantly recognize the attention to detail that was put in. It’s almost surreal!

3.   Andersen Geneve Jumping Hour

The Jumping Hour by Andersen Genever is one of the most recent developments by an independent watchmaker named Svend Andersen. This man’s storied career spans over four decades, and before that, he used to work for Patek Philippe.

During his brilliant career, Mr. Andersen managed to create some of the greatest watches imaginable, including the Louis Cottier-Inspired and Secular Calendar timepieces. While this watch is quite deceptively simple at first glance, it does have the traditional hand at the bottom – which no one initially knows much abo[ut.

Unquestionably, however, the most strikingly beautiful thing about this particular watch is its dial. This watch features a ‘magic lozenge’ guilloche pattern which makes use of 3 separate machines to be placed inside the dial.

The top half of the dial shows us an aperture where the ‘Jumping Hour’ seems to change. At the bottom half, you will see a smaller sub-dial that is used to tell us how many minutes have passed.

4.   Genus GNS Dragon

The Genus GNS Dragon is perhaps the most out their timepiece on our list, but it is still quite an incredible sight. Genus is still known to only a handful of watch enthusiasts and they first erupted in the watch industry in 2019 with their first watch called Genus GNS 1.

The GN1 was already quite the complicated machine to get started with, but the Dragon takes the complexity to a whole new level. The GNS system is designed to break time into hours, single minutes, and tens of minutes.

On this watch, the hours can be read on the peripheral rotational gear as well as the hour satellites that are revolving with your pointer facing 9 o’clock. The tens of the minutes get indicated with a dragon as long as a centipede. It can be described as a system that is snaking around the watch in a perfect figure-8 pattern. When the watch finally reaches 3 o’clock, you will be able to see the watches’ counter for a single minute.

Instead of the centipede-like dragon that you see on the GNS 1, 1.2 TD, and Dragon, you will see a meticulously crafted miniature dragon laid down inside a sapphire crystal super dome. This dragon will be detailed with 11 different segments that are made of gold and the head alone is put together using 6 tiny blocks of pure gold.

You may want to read all that again carefully to get an idea of just how much detail this watch carries.

Are you looking for something a lot more simple when you shop for luxury watches online? Well, look no further.

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