5 Awesome Social Media Tools You Should Know

Using social media tools is not a luxury: it has become a standard. If you want to achieve some successes as a social media manager, you need tools to automate some of your tedious, manual tasks. What should your toolbox consist of? Let us reveal our suggestions.

Social media management has taken to the next level: NapoleonCat

The numbers speak for themselves. Your results and statistics are important to evaluate your performance, but they depend on how well you cracked the strategy and how well you executed it. While managing one social media account is a walk in the park, managing 40+ can be nothing but a challenge. You can overcome it with some social media marketing tools such as NapoleonCat. This tool helps you take care of your social media management, analytics, reporting and community management, so you can focus on the business core or scaling your business. With NapoleonCat, you can find the golden mean between personalization and automation.

Has someone just mentioned your business?: Brand24

Among many social media monitoring tools, there is one that stands out with a user-intuitive panel and spellbinding customer service: Brand24. With Brand24, you can monitor mentions over the Internet in real-time and turn potential leads into deals. Tracking what is being said about your brand is crucial to take care of its reputation. Whenever someone publicly posts anything related to your business, you can see it and react to it. You can turn negative feedback into a small brand win if you know how to approach it in the right way.

Create special social media graphics on the spot: Venngage

One of the most useful social media tools for business is one that helps you prepare eye-catching graphics on the spot. Venngage can help you design social media posts and infographics you can use to repurpose your content throughout many platforms and profiles. You can choose from numerous templates and elements to make appealing infographics for your audience. What’s more, it is very reasonably priced.

Videos you never knew you always needed: Recast.Studio

Video rocks social media – no doubt about that. However, marketers are often a bit scared of making videos since they are thinking that it takes a lot of time, effort and often money. With Recast. Studio, you can create professional video clips in seconds, directly from pieces of content you created or found on the Internet. Recast. Studio supports converting text into a video with many built-in templates, fonts or elements you can add too. Then, you can simply download your video and share it via your social media. Needless to say that it can be very warmly welcomed by your audience.

Make the most of your Instagram bio: Tap.bio

As you know, the possibilities of linking on Instagram are very limited. You can add links to IG Stories if your audience reaches 10 thousand followers, but apart from this, you can only put a link in your bio. With Tap.bio, you can build a kind of a single landing page that you can link to from your Instagram bio and redirect to a few pieces of content at once. It looks very sleek and elegant, and you don’t have to be literate in web development skills to build such a page and link to it.

There are so many social media marketing tools that can make your marketing life much easier, and your tasks more effectively. No matter if you choose a tool for social media management or analytics, if you create graphics or video clips – it’s always one step further in improving your social media presence.

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