5 Basic Tips for Apex Legends Arenas

There would hardly be anyone in the gaming community that has not heard the name Apex Legends, even if they haven’t played the game themselves. Such enormous is the popularity of Apex Legends in the gaming community that ever since its release in the February of 2019, people are asking for a mobile version of the app. And the publisher has listened and announced an iOS and Android version of the game to be launched sometime in 2022.

Apex Legends doesn’t just offer a typical battle royale game, where to win, the player only has to outlast every other player, and they can do that by camping, although it is not advised. But Apex Legends also offers an arena mode for players to enjoy, which is quite different, and one could argue more challenging than a typical battle royale match, where a single lucky shot could win you the game. Arena mode is on a different level than Apex Legends battle royale mode. If you want to perform to the best of your ability in Arena mode, then you have to discard the habits picked from the Apex Legends battle royale, as they won’t help you; in fact, they will likely hinder your progression and prevent you from winning the bout.

But before you do search for any of the advanced techniques to dominate the Apex Legends arena mode, you need to work on your basics. Here are five essential tips that would help you perform significantly better in Apex Legends Arena mode. With the below-mentioned tips, you can visit to get more tips to be a pro player

  1. Do not take the lead.

Now you may be someone who likes to lead from the front and take the fight to the enemy, and that is an excellent strategy, but not for Apex Legends Arena mode. While the lead is the first to engage with the enemy, they are also the first that is likely to get shot. But even more than not, the lead would have a narrow vision when combating the enemy, and they are likely to focus on a single enemy. At the same time, those staying behind can not only provide support, but they can also flank the enemy position and rain hellfire on them without risking their life too much.

Playing support also allows players to better understand where the enemy is and from where other enemies can fire upon them. So, if you have an analytical mind, don’t take the lead; it would be more helpful for you and your teammates.

  1. Ping! Ping! Ping!

One unique feature of Apex Legends is that it allows players to ping what they are viewing to their teammates. It is not only helpful in planning a strategy, but it is a handy feature for combat. By pinging the enemy location, one can easily save their teammates time finding and engaging the enemy combatant as they have the proper location of the enemy and not a general idea of the same.

So, one of the basic things one can do is to ping anything they deem helpful to their teammates; the more you ping, the better would be the chance for your victory.

  1. Healing is not a bad idea.

Not this might not be the most popular opinion as more often than not gamers would like to forfeit that prolong a losing battle, but comebacks are not that unique in Apex Legends Arena. While you may ignore the downed teammate and forfeit the match, you can also heal your teammate as a timely revive could easily lead to a stunning upset.

  1. Divide and conquer

One of the basic strategies that one could apply to win in Apex Legends Arena mode is divide and conquer. A single member of your squad can lead an enemy team to a kill zone where their teammates are waiting to open fire on the unsuspecting enemy player or the whole squad. It is a tried and tested strategy and, if executed carefully, always works out for the team. But do keep in mind that only a single player should try to lead the enemy as you would need the superiority to down the enemy team.

  1. Shock and Awe

If your team sees an unsuspecting squad, they should make the most of the surprise factor and take out the enemy team. One should make the most of the many environmental elements present in Apex Legends Arena mode like rooftops, ziplines, etc., and try to keep the enemy team at a disadvantage. Try to take out a couple of players in the first couple of seconds. That way, you would have numerical superiority over the enemy squad.

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