5 Benefits of Smart Blind Shades with Voice Controller

Managing your blinds with smart technology is not as complicated as you think, and it can easily become one of the best home updates. Believe us, you will love smart blind shades technology as soon as you begin using it, and if you get it with a voice controller it will be the best upgrade for any home.

There are so many smart home devices that you can use to make your home convenient. Smart Blind shades with a voice controller are one of the technologies that you can use for your home to protect it from harmful UV rays without a hassle.

What Is Smart Blind Shade?

Smart Blinds Shades are nothing new in home automation technologies. They provide privacy and convenient control to the user without putting any effort every morning to pull the blinds. You can ask Alexa or Google Home to open or close it using the Smart Home Automation app, or if you got a Smart Blind Shade with Voice Controller, you can tell the shades to do it. These blind shade look like regular window coverings and shades, which are available in a variety of fabrics, designs, and styles.

How do Smart Blind Shade with Voice Controller Work?

Smart blind shades work both ways, you can either control it with a remote control or you can control it with a smartphone or with a voice controller. It is compatible with different smart home devices like Google Home, Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and others. It is very easy to control the smart blind shades with voice controller.

Benefits of Smart Blind Shades with Voice Controller

Smart home technologies bring many advantages for users to save their time and energy. Here are some benefits of smart blind shades with a voice controller.

Increase Convenience

Smart blinds can be opened and closed with a simple click of a button, remote control or application on a smartphone. Window shades are the proven method of reducing solar gain and preventing heat loss. In addition, you can even schedule to open and close the smart blind any time you want. The image you are watching a show on a television and you want to cover the window with the blinds behind you so you watch it clearly. This technology helps you do it with the convenience of a voice controller or even with your smartphone.

Smart Home Integration

Smart thermostats have the data that can be used to manage the opening or closing of the smart blinds that reduces energy consumption, for example: With all the data, the thermostat can detect that the room is too hot and shut the blinds, instead of turning on the air conditioner, or vice versa.

Save Energy

You can use the power system because it can be programmed to automatically turn off or open depending on mild and daytime conditions. They work efficiently when integrated with the hub, and the sensor reads the forecast and acts depending on the weather. It can be programmed to close on the hottest time of the day and open in winter, which minimizes the need for light when the blind opens automatically. This reduces energy consumption and saves on bills automatically.

Safety for Kids

As a parent, you will be much relieved to use the smart blind shades with voice controller because it eliminates the cords so you won’t have to worry about your kids to get entangled with the cord. Eliminating the cord for smart shades removes the choking hazard and the cost of repairing.

Enhance Security

Thanks to remote or voice controller or the setting up of a schedule to look like that someone is home, you can use smart shades to trick thieves that the house is occupied. Similarly, when connected to the smart home system, the blinds may be closed when owner leaves and opens when returning with the approval of the geofence and the smartphone. It can also be integrated with the fire alarm to open the shades when the fire is detected in the house.

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