5 Crucial Times When You Need an Attorney

Crucial Times When You Need an Attorney

Legal issues are, in most times, unprecedented. In most cases, the need for a lawyer may arise when something awful happens. This may be in the form of an accident, criminal charge, or court case.

This means that most times, the only “happier” moments you might need an attorney is when you’re purchasing a piece of property.

The problem is, sifting through legal jargon the moment rubber hits the road can be a harrowing experience. As such, you need to be prepared early enough to know the situations when your attorney should be on speed dial.

And in this piece, we’ve highlighted five critical times when that should be the case. So, read on.

Family Issues

Family issues, in many cases, can be solved by arbitration. However, when things scale up too quickly, an attorney might be needed at beck and call. This is usually the case when dealing with divorce.

Usually categorized as part of family disputes, divorces can quickly spiral up to something nasty. And to protect you from any form of legal liability, accusations, charges, or losses, a lawyer is the professional you need.

He/she will help you deal with the divorce settlement, handle any child custody and child support issues, plus help arbitrate on the division of property between you and your spouse.

Estate Planning

Estate planning boils down to your will and how you plan your assets to be divided or shared at the time of your death. And for this particular case, Orent Law notes that “you need the help of an attorney, explicitly specialized in trusts and estates.”

Estate planning is usually a complex process. An estate attorney is required to help you put your estate trusts, taxes, and other legal processes in a notarized document. At the end of the day, what you get is a will that determines the inheritors of specific assets at the point of your death.

Estate planning helps to not only delegate assets to the right people but also possibly evade estate taxation that can be imposed by the state in the situation that estate planning was not done by the deceased.

Criminal Charges

This is one of the most common reasons why people hire attorneys. Criminal charges can range from simple offenses, such as DUI, to serious crimes, such as homicide. The moment you realize that you’re under investigation for a crime, you should be ready to lawyer-up immediately.

Specifically, you need an attorney that handles criminal law.

The constitution provides that a public defender can be issued to you if you can’t afford the services of a private attorney. Public defendants are usually paid by the state, thus are free to the suspect.

However, hiring private attorneys is a better option. They carry the advantage of fully focusing on your case and giving you individual attention given they might not have a big workload, compared to the public defender. Plus, they’re working on your bill.

Personal Injury

Personal injury is a situation where death or injury is caused by the negligence of a third party. In such a scenario, a personal injury lawyer is employed to file a lawsuit that seeks to compensate the victim. The damages can be in the form of pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages.

A personal injury lawsuit can arise from several incidences such as workplace injuries, construction accidents, DUI accidents, and motor vehicle accidents.

According to the American Bar Association, a large percentage of personal injury cases are settled outside the court, thanks to attorneys.

Business Law Issues

Handling business and legalities surrounding the business are multiple stresses that business owners prefer avoiding. That’s why they hire business lawyers to handle the legal issues that may arise or need taking care of.

For instance, business lawyers deal with the drafting contracts, agreements for a business to customer relationship, and a business to business relationship. On top of that, the lawyer will help deal with litigation issues between the business, other businesses, and its consumers.

Business law also extends to intellectual property, which provides a huge competitive advantage for most businesses.

Wrapping Up

Understanding when an attorney’s services are needed is crucial in making sure you have your legal issues not only handled professionally by a competent team but also in a timely manner.

More importantly, it helps you avoid other legal issues that might crop up if the situation is not handled in a proper legal environment from the get-go.

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