5 Gift Ideas For Coworkers

5 Gift Ideas For Coworkers

We ask ourselves with great frequency what to give to a person who has everything? Or what to present to a colleague? There are so many articles, offers, and options on the web. It’s like an embarrassment of riches, this crazy choice. We have selected for you 5 gift ideas for coworkers that will give him or her a smile and leave fond memories.

Certainly, it all depends on the character of the person, his or her preferences, hobbies, as well as your budget. A good gift does not mean an expensive gift. To make it enjoyable, you need to present it with a soul. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is: birthday, promotion, Christmas, and so on. Gifts from our list are suitable for any event. Let’s go!

#1. Leather Business Card Holder

It is rather kind of a classic story. An irreplaceable accessory for a business person. A good leather cardholder is a useful gift. Most importantly, it will not lie idle. It will immediately find a use. The new owner will remember this gift from colleagues, and you will feel joy for having presented a very necessary thing. Not some trinket that will be gathering dust somewhere on the shelf.

#2. Unique phone case

Phone cases have long become full-fledged accessories that not only protect gadgets but complement the images of their owners. And nothing emphasizes the delicate taste of a person like an individual design. You can come up with it yourself. It is enough to take, for instance, an iPhone mockup and put your idea on it to see how the final case cover will look. You may also use designer services that are performed on various freelance marketplace. Professionals will create a suitable gift that will definitely delight and surprise your colleague.

#3. Power bank

A portable charger or Power bank is a win-win gift for someone who needs to stay in touch 24/7. It is perfect for people who spend a lot of time on the road or away from all the blessings of civilization. This is not only a useful but also a versatile gift. Suitable for all occasions and for any event. The device can be ordered with an individual design as well, which personalizes it and will remind your coworker of the day X.

#4. Box of Goodies

Sweet gift sets give unforgettable emotions to both children and adults. A whole box of chocolate and other candy can wake up a kid in the most serious person. All adults are just kids in suits and ties. As a result, positive emotions will be provided for the guest of honor.

#5. Certificate

Another win-win and final gift idea on our list. What could be better than never-to-be-forgotten memories and feelings? If you don’t know what to give at all, buy a certificate. Treat your coworker with a SPA day, an hour massage, or maybe a parachute jump. You can also choose the certificate to a barbershop, or maybe for dinner at a restaurant. There is a huge option here. Try to understand what your coworker likes.

A few tips when choosing gifts

Definitely, there are many more gift ideas than 5. It all depends on the level of your relations and creativity. Here are some tips when choosing a gift:

  1. Discuss with other coworkers if it will be your shared gift or will be given only by you. Keep in mind to discuss the budget with others if it is the first option.
  2. Make a list of possible things. Start with the preferences of the person to whom you will give it.
  3. Take care of buying a present in advance so that there is no force majeure. Order, deliver and check it.
  4. Check if your colleague is allergic to anything, whether he or she can eat sweets. If not, then tip number 4 should not be selected.
  5. After choosing a gift, think over the presenting process and congratulations. Everything should be nice.

We hope you found our article helpful. We also expect you can please your colleague with a useful gift and make the workflow more enjoyable.

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