5 Kinds of People Who Need Disability Insurance

Insurance of any kind is always one of those things you don’t really think you need until you do, and then you’re glad you have it!

Most people know about the importance of health, auto, and life insurance. But another type of coverage increasing in popularity is disability insurance.

With the majority of Americans—78% of them, according to recent studies— living paycheck to paycheck, any significant illness or injury can be financially catastrophic if it keeps them from working. Disability insurance is a buffer that helps offset some of your loss of income in these circumstances.

Unlike auto insurance, disability coverage isn’t required for most people. However, there are some situations in which it’s highly recommended. If you fall into one of these five categories, disability insurance might be a good investment for you!

1. You Have a Risky Occupation

If you’re already in what’s considered a “risky occupation,” your employer may have disability coverage in place for you. If not, you should look into it to protect yourself in the event of an accident or injury.

Dangerous jobs are necessary but are more likely to result in serious injury or fatalities. Some of the riskiest jobs in the country include:

  • Logging
  • Pilots and flight engineers
  • Heavy machine operators
  • Roofers
  • Truck drivers

Those in these occupations are more likely to require disability insurance, but those premiums are also typically higher than the average policyholder’s rates.

2. You are the Main Provider in Your Home

If your income is the sole or primary way that your family is secure and safe, disability insurance is a necessary protection. You and your loved ones rely on your health and wellbeing to survive. An unexpected injury or long-term illness can put everyone’s safety in danger.

Disability coverage may not take care of all your bills, but it is a smart way to ensure your needs are met while you are recovering.

3. You Have Children at Home

When little ones at home depend on you to take care of them, disability insurance is a good investment.

Even if you have another provider in the house, your children are used to a certain standard of living. When one person is unable to work for a long period, children feel the financial strain almost as much as the adults do.

Disability coverage can help make sure your kids don’t feel the stress of your income loss.

4. You Have Chronic Illnesses or Injuries

When you’ve already been diagnosed with a chronic illness or injury, you know it can be difficult to get health insurance. Even something as minor as a chronic back injury can flare into doctor’s orders requiring a long-term period out of work.

Disability insurance is easier to get before you’ve been diagnosed with any chronic conditions. But when you need to take off work to recuperate from your illness or injury, disability coverage can help you recover in peace.

5. Your Job is Physically Difficult

Not every physically difficult job falls on the list of the “riskiest” careers. Some jobs are demanding and can cause injuries simply because of the rigorous involvement it takes to get the requirements done.

Your job may not be physically demanding to everyone, but if it is to you and you plan on keeping it anyway, disability insurance is a smart investment.


When you think about your budget and current financial situation, would a few unexpected weeks off of work, without pay, put a wrench in your financial plans?

If so, a short- or long-term disability can compound those money issues with the addition of medical bills. If you fall in one of these five categories, get yourself a cushion to help you concentrate on your health instead of stressing your finances.

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