5 Lucrative Betting Markets That You Might Have Missed

Betting, especially since it moved into the online world, has more markets available for punters to bet on than ever before. Long gone are the days of just backing a horse to win a race or a football team to win a match. There are lucrative markets out there that give gamblers an excellent chance of returning a profit. And, five of them are listed below.

Greyhound Racing – Combination Tricast

Greyhound racing has been popular for decades in countries such as the United Kingdom and the USA. Going to the dogs is more of an institution, and it’s always been a fantastic social occasion, too. One of the most exciting markets to take on where greyhound betting is concerned is, of course, the combination tricast. Punters select three dogs from the six runnings, and they can finish in any order within the top three. Yes, the stake multiplies by six, because of how many ways there are for greyhounds to win, but add an outsider and the odds will skyrocket.

Football – Both Teams To Score

Football is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular sports to bet on. And, one of the reasons for this is because there are so many markets. Both teams to score angle, which has grown in popularity over the last decade, is a fantastic option to check out. There are plenty of websites out there that can give punters an insight into the likelihood of the feat occurring. And the bet runs until the end of the game, which is another positive. Throw a few teams into an accumulator, and it’s easy to turn a moderately sized bet into a big win.

Boxing – Round Group Betting

The problem with betting on boxing is that in most instances, one fighter is the heavy favorite compared to their opponent. So, it makes the odds for backing a winner terrible, unless you fancy the outsider to upset the apple cart. Therefore, you must find value elsewhere, and it’s the round group betting which catches the eye. It’s quickly becoming the way most bet on fights, as it allows punters to choose a group of three rounds where the bout will end—thus giving them better odds to play with.

Horse Racing – Trixie

Trixie’s are old school, but they’re slowly making a comeback and people are again using them when betting on the horses. A Trixie is a form of multiple betting, as it includes three doubles and a treble. Therefore, punters must remember their stake covers four bets. It’s another opportunity for gamblers to bring in high profits for an initial low stake, which is never a bad thing, and even if a leg of a selection doesn’t come in, there’s still a chance of walking away from a winner.

Football – Cards

We finish with another football market, one which hasn’t been around as long as the others. Punters can now place bets on players to receive a card in the game, red or yellow, and the odds are fantastic. It’s yet another low stake, high return opportunity. But, there is a lot of information out there to give gamblers the edge. Such as how many cards the referee gives out on average, and which players get booked the most. If you add a couple of these bets together, the profit can be off the scale.

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