Office space planning is essential if you are planning to relocate or expand. To utilize your space in the best possible manner that increases efficiency, creates a strong working culture, and motivates the productivity of your employees, you would need to do some office space planning.

By planning your workspace correctly, it ensures that your office is comfortable and offers a conducive environment to work. Hence, you need to consider a few points before you start the job yourself or hire some service for Office Space Planning in Singapore.

Points to Consider

You can easily hamper your work if your office is tight and cramped. Every person working needs to have their own space to be able to produce results as expected. If space is cramped, the employee may not be able to provide their hundred percent. However, while planning your office space, you have to be careful as you might end up ruining the entire place. Hence, there are few points to consider when you think about making changes:-

Plan in Advance

Planning your office space is usually not a sudden decision you made. You may be thinking for a very long time, however, you could not execute due to various reasons. So, now if you have decided to bring changes to your office, the space planning process should be planned well in advance, a minimum of six to nine months before you start the actual work.

Hire Talented Space Planners

A lot of office owners like to do the project themselves because they can save money. However, with affordable services available today, most of them hire outside sources to complete the project because they have the experience and expertise to understand your business objectives, your current way of operation and all changes can be made to improve efficiency.

Understand Your Business Needs

You don’t have to plan your office like other people. Depending on the needs of your business, your office space should be planned. So, if your work requires regular brainstorming, then you would need breakout areas where your team can collaborate easily or if you have a customer-facing job, you need special meeting rooms for discussions.

Future Growth Planning

You don’t want to work with the same amount of workforce for the rest of your life. Every business needs to expand, to earn profits. So, it is imperative to plan your space futuristically, so that tomorrow when your business expands, you are space ready to put the new employees.

Closed Workspaces or Open Spaces

Today most organizations promote an open working environment because it allows a healthy work culture. However, there are certain business functions that require closed workspaces due to data privacy or other security reasons. Hence, you should not create an office space according to your current business functions.

Apart from these, your office should have a recreation area space and a separate space for the cafeteria or breakout area for people to mingle.


If you are planning to renovate your office? Hiring a team of experienced space planners can help you give your office the makeover it really deserves. An open environment will help you to create a positive working environment for your staff.

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