5 Tips for Temporary Offices

5 Tips for Temporary Offices

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There are many reasons why a business may need to set up a temporary office space. Are you trying to save money so you’re trying remote working for your employees? Or perhaps you’re starting your own business from home? We’re here to help you optimize your resources! 

Of course, this space needs to suit the needs of the company and provide a comfortable working environment. Is that possible even on a budget? Let’s show you how.

Consider Hiring Rather than Buying

Having a temporary office can enable you to save money and one way you can do this is to hire computers for your business instead of buying them outright.

Technology advances very quickly, so there is always something new on the market. Computers are expensive in general and quickly become outdated. By hiring a computer, you will be sure to have the latest, updated equipment available, to your brand’s benefit.

Other advantages include:

  • Less startup cost: Renting is cheaper than buying new equipment as there is no initial large down payment to budget for.
  • Lower maintenance costs: If something happens to it the unit will be replaced quickly, often at no extra cost to your business.
  • Easy to upgrade hardware: You can use the latest hardware available at a fraction of the cost.
  • Fixed cost: Your business will be charged the same amount for the duration of the contract. This will make it easy to budget and ensure no nasty surprises.

Encourage BYO Office Décor 

A small business has a lot of expenses so encourage your staff to try BYO (bring your own) décor. This will save on costs compared to hiring a decorate and it can still look stylish if you provide general guidelines.

When everyone personalizes their own workspace, they’ll also feel more comfortable in their work zones, boosting morale. An easy way to decorate common areas is to bring in plants.

Maximize your Space Using Innovative Design and Scheduling

Use the space you have to meet the needs of your business. Taking time to plan the layout and buying the correct office furniture—such as picking compact rather than bulky desks—will go a long way to help maximize the use of your space. Then you can accommodate enough people even in a cramped environment.

Also, rotate your staff by letting them work their own hours. In this way, you can have more people utilize the space by simply being there at different times. This will increase productivity.

Set Up a Dedicated Work Space 

If you find yourself working from home, it’s important to have your temporary office function as the real deal. If you can, dedicate a room to use as your work area, so you don’t have to pack up at the end of the day. If space is an issue, find a place where you can at least have some quiet and close to door to limit distractions during work hours.

Fast Reliable Internet is Key

There is nothing more frustrating than a bad internet connection. Your temporary office needs to have an excellent internet connection for conference calls and Zoom/Skype meetings. Compare service providers in your area and read their customer reviews so you can pick a vendor that won’t ignore you when you need assistance. 


Whether you work from home or work from a leased temporary office, be sure to follow these tips to get the most out of the space. A few small details could go a long way in boosting your productivity, sales, brand reputation, and of course your bottom line. 

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