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5 tips to avoid a data breach

avoid a data breach

The data breach is a threat that can affect your life and the business and that threat can be far more than a temporary threat. When it comes to the data breach, any business, individual or even government can face such threats and you can face huge complications if your sensitive data or personal information is leaked. A data breach can have a great impact on your business if your sensitive data is leaked or someone gets access to the company secrets as that can affect the reputation of the company.

Many companies have been a victim of the data breach. Hackers or cybercriminals can get to you through different means like they can access your device through Bluetooth, SMS text, or the internet that you are using. Internet is a platform on which everyone is doing something, some are getting internet service for entertainment purposes, some get internet service to do gaming and then some get internet service for work purposes. If someone gets access to your device, your identity can be theft.

Hackers usually access your device through the internet and then you face the consequences. People don’t take this threat seriously. Without proper attention, you can face a massive data breach. You need to make sure that you get a secured internet connection so no one can easily access your data. If the data is not encrypted when you do streaming on the internet or you do any work, the data on your devices would be easily accessible and once the hackers or the unauthorized user gets access to your device or your computer system, your sensitive information can easily be exposed. We are going to talk about how data breaches happen and what precautions we can take to avoid data breaches.

How does a data breach happen?

Data breaches happen through different malicious methods used by hackers to get into your device and get access to your sensitive data. The following are some of the methods used by hackers.

Phishing attacks

Hackers trap internet users into clicking links that are not secured and then once you open the link, they will get into your device. Usually, hackers send phishing emails to get into your device. They use this method to get access to your personal data and you can have a big loss.

Public Wi-Fi

Using a pubic Wi-Fi hotspot is so common in the U.S. state as there are different spots where public Wi-Fi hotspots are available. Using a public Wi-Fi can result in a data breach as the data is not encrypted and once your device gets connected to the Wi-Fi, anyone can easily access your data and can fool you into clicking unsecured links.

Weak credentials

The majority of the data breaches happen because people don’t usually care about their credentials. They left a pattern and that helps the hacker to get into your device and your account.

We are going to give you 5 tips to avoid data breaches which will help you in securing your devices and personal information.

Get an internet security suite

While getting internet service, make sure to get an internet security suite while getting service as that will help in encrypt your data and it won’t be easy for the hacker to get access to your personal information. Getting an internet security suite will be beneficial for the business or even for individual users. There are many internet service providers like COX who offers internet security suite. You can check COX internet packages and can see how you can get internet security along with internet service. That security suite will secure your data path and will secure your device from unsecured links and phishing attacks.

Perform regular vulnerability assessments

Companies should perform regular vulnerability assessments to make sure that everything is secured at their end. Companies should make a department that assesses on regular basis rather than doing once in a year or a month as that gives the hacker time to learn the new patterns you follow.

Educate yourself and your employees

Companies should educate their employees on security to make sure that the devices they are using are secured. You should educate yourself and even your kids as well about internet security because most data breaches happen because people usually don’t take this seriously which leads to data breaches, and then you face the consequences. Your identity can be theft and your company’s secrets can be exposed.

Beware of phishing attacks

Most of the breaches happen because of human errors. You should beware of phishing emails and links and should never click on any link which you are not aware of. Never open any email that you get from an unknown person as that will lead to a data breach. Report that to your security team about such emails and links so that they can take action at time.

Back up and encryption

Make sure that your devices are encrypted and you are doing a backup of your data by using the cloud service so if by any chance someone hacks your device, your data remains safe.


Data breaches can have a great impact on your company’s reputation if the sensitive data gets leaked. We have many examples of the damage caused by data breaches. Make sure you take all the security precautions so you do not become a victim of it.

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