5 Tips To Avoid Spam Filters When Sending Your Next Email Campaign

Spam Filters When Sending Your Next Email Campaign

Making an email marketing campaign has one natural enemy: spam filters. Here are five useful tips to avoid spam filters and deliver your message successfully. 

Even if you have the most effective email campaign that ever exists, it’s still a useless text if no one will read it. Spam filters often make internet marketing challenging by reducing content reach. This reality has been plaguing even the most experienced internet marketers. 

In 2018, Return Path reported that 6% of marketing emails sent globally went directly to the spam inbox. Another 10% are undelivered due to mailing problems and invalid emails. To increase the chances of success, the marketer should know how to avoid triggering spam filters. If you want to avoid this problem, you need to understand what makes an email “spam.”

What Is A Spam? 

According to Cisco, a spam email is any unwanted junk email sent in bulk and sent out to a recipient list without any permission. If these two conditions are triggered, the internet service provider will automatically set the spam filter. Users’ reports for spam mails also affect how email providers consider what contents are spam.  

Most countries with active internet users have spam legislation in place, which is for a good reason. Some businesses use email marketing to an annoying extent just to sell their products. Another reason is to stop phishing, scamming attempts, malware transmission, and other malicious activities online.  

How Does A Spam Filter Work? 

Spam filters are automated, and you cannot appeal even if your emails are for legitimate marketing efforts. Hence, the best way to avoid triggering these filters is by strategic email distribution. What’s inside the email text will also matter a lot. 

Email service providers use two kinds of filters: list-based and or content-based. 

  • Content-Based spam filters – these filters will scan your email for words or phrases often used on spam emails. The filter would flag your email automatically if your text contains malicious or spammy content. 
  • List-based filters –  these filters will automatically flag messages coming from email addresses that have spamming history. 

How Spam Filters Can Affect Marketing Email Campaigns? 

Marketing campaigns are effective due to the direct coverage of potential customers. This is especially true if you’re using email marketing with a newsletter subscription. Your subscribers will likely have a genuine interest in your products and are more willing to buy from your business. 

Another benefit of email marketing is that there is a real person who can read your ads and decide to purchase. But this person might not read your offerings if your emails go directly to the spam folder. When this happens, your email campaign is just a wasted opportunity and an undesired cost. 

To avoid the spam filter, you need to make sure that your domain reputation is high. A high domain reputation means that your emails can be trusted and safe to open. And to keep your reputation score high, you need to avoid making spammy marketing tactics and mistakes. Here are some of the tips to help you achieve your own goal. 

5 Handy Tips To Stop Your Emails From Going To Spam

1. Verify The Email List

Email marketing works best if you send your emails to a smaller list of people. And one of the best ways to reduce your email list is to verify an email address if is valid or not. Unfortunately, some people use fake emails or throwable accounts to sign up for newsletters, which adds to the recipient list. 

The first thing to do is to check for disposable emails and remove them from your list. You can do this by preventing the user from signing up with a domain known for providing throwaway mails (e.g., yopmail, gotmail, etc. ). Another option is to use email verifier services for automated results. 

2. Do Not Use Spam Trigger Words In The Email

Content-based filters are effective in detecting emails deemed “spammy” or malicious. If you want to avoid these filters, you should avoid using spam trigger words and phrases. Some of the known trigger words that Gmail uses are “free gift,” “lower rates,” “save big money,” “special promotion,” “click below,” and “get started now.”

Every word and phrase that makes exaggerated claims, urgency, pressure, or shady content is flagged automatically. This includes messages with excessive jargon. Make your campaign email user-friendly and add a creative way to entice possible customers other than standard sales stuff. 

3. Personalize Your Emails

Give your email a certain personality that reflects your brand and products. This feat can be quite hard and needs some trial and error approach, but once you get the gist of it, it would come naturally on the next emails. 

Start by using an intriguing yet very positive email title like “2021 might be the time to change those old curtains.” Always try to address your recipient with their name, and avoid generic terms like “Dear customer” or simply, “Hi.”

4. Check Your Email For Spam Before Sending

Your email text is also a great factor to consider when running a marketing campaign. Does your email sound “too standard” or has formatting problems? Do you use tons of pictures and attachments? Is it engaging enough to convince the user to read more about your promotion? How about the grammar and the structure of each paragraph? 

Check your email for any error before clicking the send button. Look for spelling typos and unclear sentences that might bring confusion to the reader. And most importantly, back to tip # 2 – avoid spam triggers. 

5. Warm-up New Email Accounts

And last but not least, warm up your email accounts. Using a freshly-made email account to send thousands of emails is not a good thing for your domain reputation. Warm-up your new account by sending emails to a smaller recipient list, and only use it for cold outreach after a few weeks or more.  This method is necessary to build your email reputation and avoid the likelihood of getting penalized. 

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