5 Tips To Prepare Tasty Vegetables On BBQ

Barbecue is one of the main reasons why we love summer so much. There isn’t anything better than spending time outdoors surrounded by people we love and enjoying delicacies that come straight from the grate. The BBQ’s mere idea, of course, automatically makes you think of delicious burgers, sausages, steaks, and so on. But what about veggies? If asked, most people would tell you that maybe a mushroom here and there can do nothing more than that!

People relate barbecue with hedonism and veggies with health, and in the minds of many, the two cant go hand in hand. However, this is a complete misconception. Vegetarians and many others who are experienced on the matter would say that there are plenty of ways you can combine pleasure and health because vegetables can taste truly wonderful when cooked on a bbq grill

Now, as you know, veggies have different textures than meat. Therefore, rules for grilling them also differ. We imagine you have many questions when you are just starting to grill vegetables – what should be the temperature, should you add oil, and so on! To facilitate your journey into healthy barbecuing, we compiled these five tips to prepare tasty vegetables on BBQ. 

Best Vegetables for Grilling 

Technically, there isn’t a vegetable that you can’t throw on a grill grate! 

However, real connoisseurs say that same as with everything else – some veggies stand out as truly exceptional when grilled. So you might guess that asparagus and mushrooms are among the first on the list, but do you have any clue about others? Believe it or not, zucchini, eggplant, onion, corn, and many others do wonderfully as grill bbq vegetables. 

Before Grilling 

To have maximum enjoyment from grilled veggies, you have to prepare them. Again, different types require different preparation. Let’s check out some tips on what to do before you start to grill vegetables.

  • Mushrooms don’t need any special preparation. You can just toss them on the grill without even cutting them. 
  • Asparagus has hard woody ends that you need to cut. 
  • If you want to grill bell peppers, it is important that you cut them in quarters or halves and remove the seeds. 
  • The most important thing when it comes to grilling zucchini, eggplant, and squash is to cut them properly.
  • You can cut tomatoes in halves or grill them whole. 
  • Another vegetable that doesn’t ask for any preparation is corn. 

How to Grill Vegetables 

Oil the Veggies

Vegetables are full of water that will naturally evaporate when you expose them to heat. This will make them dry and practically inedible. However, spraying them with a bit of oil will prevent this from happening and bring grilled veggies to a whole new dimension. Of course, you must be careful not to soak them in oil because they will be too greasy and higher in calories.

Make Grilling Packets

In case you want to grill vegetables without oil, we suggest that you try making packets. This also allows you to do other things while waiting for your food to get ready. Simply take a piece of foil and spray it with a bit of cooking spray. Put desired vegetables and wrap the foil around like you are making a packet. When you think of grill vegetables with aluminum foil, you need to know that this method is good for different roots, corn, and similar veggies.  

Know Cooking Times 

People think that it only takes a minute or two to grill vegetables. That might be true for some, but others require more time. For example, you need only four minutes to cook asparagus, but if you are grilling potatoes, the whole process will take around 20 minutes because you have to boil them first.  

Make Skewers 

Making skewers is a fun way to grill vegetables at home. Besides that, some vegetables, like zucchini or cherry tomatoes, taste better when grilled this way. Colorful skewers are also a good option to make your kids fall in love with healthy BBQ. 


Everything tastes better when it is marinated. Besides, marinating is the best way to grill vegetables easily, as they won’t stick to the grill grate. The most common marinade is made from olive oil, salt, and pepper, but you can add other spices as per your preference.

Conclusion: Regularly eating vegetables undoubtedly contributes to our overall health. However, as we all experienced, we are not always thrilled about eating them. However, if you properly grill vegetables, they will have a whole new taste, which will make you eat them with pleasure! Have you tried grilling veggies? Would you like to share some tips with us?  

Author’s Bio: Nellie Rodriguez is a journalist, blogger, and a cook from Seattle. She has been working in different restaurants before deciding to start her own five years ago with the idea to show to people that healthy food doesn’t mean bland food! Since then, she has been experimenting with different cuisines and writing about it. Grilling remains her preferred cooking style.  

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