5 Top Content Tips for 2020

Search engines recently shifted the focus to rank sites based on the user experience. What this means is that there is a combination of technical and content aspects that are important for every business to know in order to rank well on search.

Here are some of the top content tips for 2020:

1. Optimize the speed and performance of your site

If your site doesn’t load fast or perform well, chances are that users will leave it without making a purchase or consuming any of your content. Search engines use bounce rate as one of the factors and they rank pages with lower bounce rates and faster loading speeds at the top.

So make sure that you compress your site’s images and videos, delete any unwanted apps or scripts, and get a developer to look at the rest of your code to find more opportunities for optimization.

2. Improve your writing format

Writing formats have changed in the last 2 decades of using the internet. Make sure that you don’t write paragraphs that are longer than 5 lines. Make your paragraphs short (2-3 lines). Also, use indentation and bolded font to make your text even easier to read.

Remember, white space is your friend. Make sure to do everything to make your blog post look less dense. This will make it much easier for the reader to read. Also, use active voice everywhere. For example, write “Dad pulled the cart” instead of “the cart was pulled by Dad”. Passive voice is much harder to read.

3. Include lots of visuals

Visual elements are a great way to break up your writing. Include gifs, graphics, videos, and infographics. Also, a really great tip is to use emojis 😉. Emojis help users relate to your writing and put a smile on their faces. It also attracts attention so use it in your email subject lines.

4. Bring value

We can not state this enough. You have to bring your user value. One of the reasons we are successful here at Pearl Lemon and Pearl Lemon Leads is because we bring every one of our customers value (actual business growth). And that’s what we try to do with our content pieces as well.

Think about your ideal customer and come up with some buyer personas. Then optimize each piece of content to fit a specific persona. Mention these personas in your team meetings to keep them front and center. This strategy will help you write content that is more relatable and useful for your ideal customers.

5. Focus on long-form content

Focus on writing content pieces that are longer than 1,500 words. Research from Backlinko suggests that the highest-ranking pages on Google search were all 1,500 words or more. They actually analyzed 912 million blog posts in this study and their write up about it is over 3,000 words. So they use the data they themselves find!


If you follow our tried and true content tips you will see a significant lift in your traffic and ranking. But remember, content takes 6-12 months to rank well, so be patient and focus on the long-term.

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