5 Ways to Prepare for Your Fantasy Sports

The name is very self-explanatory. As the name suggests, Fantasy sports is a game where a person is entitled to play an imaginary made-up game with an imaginary team of actual professionals from real life. The competition is based on the statistical performance of real players in actual games. This competition takes place on virtual online platforms.

The players act as both general managers and field managers of their team. These online fantasy sports allow fans to engage actively with the sport of their choice. They draft and compete with their virtual teams based on game statistics and analysis of real-life players from upcoming matches and score points based on such players’ on-field performance and compete with other fans. The relationship between the Online Fantasy sports industry enables real-time fan engagement and interaction and increasing interest in a wide variety of sports events due to a symbiotic nature of relation with sports. Increasing internet connectivity and easy access to online services have given rise to the popularity of fantasy sports across India. Online Fantasy sports provide an opportunity for sports fans to win amazing prizes by harnessing their knowledge of the sports.

Growth of Fantasy sports in India

According to a report released by KPMG India in July 2020, the number of users participating in online fantasy sports in India has grown at a compounded annual growth rate of 212%, from 2 million users in June 2016 to 90 million users in December 2019. The number of Online Fantasy sports companies has also exponentially risen from around 10 in 2016 to more than 140 in 2019. This phenomenal growth spurt in users has translated into higher revenues of the online fantasy sports industry, from around INR 920 crore in the financial year 2018-2019 to INR 2470 crore in the financial year 2019-2020

Cricket Fantasy Sport

Cricket has always been the dominant choice of sport in the country. The Online Fantasy Sports companies have been able to leverage the euphoria created by IPL and increase the number of users on its platform. With increased statistical analysis available during an IPL match, fans can formulate strategies to implement during drafting. When it comes to Online Fantasy sports in India cricket is the most lucrative choice. In recent times demands for other popular sports such as football and Kabaddi as a suitable alternative during off-seasons of IPL are increasing. International tournaments such as the English premier league and NBA is cutting a niche among more serious fans.

5 Ways to Prepare for Your fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports, like anything else, is not something anyone should jump into underprepared. Without proper knowledge of the platform and the strategies necessary to thoroughly enjoy the experience of the game, an off-course win is impossible.

For those who already put in the time and sweat to draft the best possible fantasy sports team, here are a few tips to help you increase your chances of success on the match day.

Absolute success in fantasy sports depends upon knowledge about the team and individual player statistics. A popular misconception is that it is all about luck, on the contrary, it is almost always about the ability to read and understand the game based on statistics and knowledge about the game.

Here are 5 simple steps, you will need to take for a successful fantasy sports journey

Do not make a decision based on media hype

The media is always hyping about some young players. But just because a player-dominated few games hit more than a few boundaries does not mean he will make any noteworthy contributions once the tournament starts. Don’t spend your time and money on unproven players. Always look for consistent performers.

Give importance to Research

A little bit of research goes a long way in creating a winning team. Keep in mind the following points while drafting your team

  1. Keep a close eye on recent performances of key players.
  2. Factor in current match day reports about ground and pitch.
  3. Compare team performance based on the different venues.
  4. Compare individual stats about batting and bowling.
  5. Gather information about the squad and how well they perform together.

Take Risk 

Do not be afraid to take risks. Remember without occasional risks no one can win big. Taking risks on some players may help you win big. No player performs the same way in every match this is where research comes into play. Some Fantasy sports platform shows you

selection percentage of a player use that insight but remember to have your research in hand.

Different platforms have a different point system

There are more than 100 working Online Fantasy Sports platforms in the country. They all have unique point systems although they are all generalized. Some may offer a more favorable point system than others. Our platform offers a very transparent point and reward system which is user-friendly.

Make predictions based on stats

To have a better chance of winning, make calculated predictions. Remember it is 80% stats and 20% luck.

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