6 Fun Things to Do on a Fall Night In

Although for many, the autumn season reminds them of days spent watching football and NFL expert picks, catching up on sports is not the only thing worth staying in for on cool fall nights. In fact, in addition to watching the latest NFL games and making your sports betting predictions, fall is the perfect season to take some time to spend with loved ones or to catch up on a hobby you have neglected for too long.

So, as the weather cools and the comfort of your home looks increasingly enticing, what are the most fun things to do on a fall night in? 

Cozy Up With a Book

There are arguably few places that evoke wonderful autumnal feelings as intensely as bookstores do. They are inherently warm and inviting places and are the perfect spot to spend a few hours wandering the aisles, leafing through the pages of a novel.

If you really want to take the autumnal experience to the next level, we recommend picking out a few books from your local bookstore and curling up on the couch to read them for a few hours. To maximize the feelings of coziness, grab a hot cocoa and some pumpkin spiced treats and really indulge!

Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Although hot cocoas are many people’s go-to fall-inspired drinks, it is ultimately the pumpkin-spiced latte that exemplifies the feeling—and taste—of autumn.

However, as much as we love sipping on a warm pumpkin-spiced latte on a cool autumn evening, we really dislike paying the premium that cafés charge for this delicious beverage. This has become particularly acute in recent months as the prices at Starbucks—who pioneered the pumpkin spice latte—have increased sharply.

With that said, a great way of spending an autumn evening at home is to take a few hours to create your own pumpkin spice lattes. Although this might sound difficult, it is actually relatively easy. And once you have the pumpkin spice syrup made up, they are simple and quick to throw together!

Enjoy a Boardgame Night

Another great way of spending a cozy night at home with friends or loved ones is to host a board game night!

The great thing about board games is that they can be adapted to whatever guest list you have to work with. So, regardless of whether you are looking for two-player games or something that will suit a party of six, you have plenty of options!

Add to the autumnal vibes by lighting a fire, making some hot beverages, and serving up some pumpkin-spiced snacks!

Bake Autumnal Goods

One of the great things about autumn is the opportunity it provides you to indulge in some autumnal treats. And, thanks to the bounty of produce that appears as fall sets in, this is incredibly easy to do!

An enjoyable way to spend a fall evening is to whip up some autumnal treats using the product that is so plentiful at this time of year. This includes delicious treats such as apple cake, pumpkin muffins, carrot cake, and pumpkin pie!

Host an Autumn Themed Potluck

Another great way to spend an autumn evening at home is to invite some friends and loved ones around for a potluck dinner.

We love potluck dinners as they give everyone a chance to contribute something to the meal, rather than leaving the stress of cooking on the shoulders of one person. And there are few better ways of catching up with the people you love than over a home-cooked meal.

To play on the autumn theme, ask everyone to contribute a fall-themed dish using seasonal produce. This could include anything from nut roasts and pumpkin mac and cheese to pumpkin pie and apple cider.

Build a Campfire and Drink Some Apple Cider

If you want to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors, but don’t want to travel too far away from home, why not light a campfire in your backyard and get cozy?

In addition to providing warmth, you can also use the campfire to cook some delicious campsite treats, like s’mores. You can also use this opportunity to share funny stories with friends and maybe even sing a few songs!

If you want to make it as autumnal as possible, we recommend serving some hot spiced or mulled cider, which is a seasonal staple in our books!

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