6 quick ways to make perfect cup of coffee

Coffee is the most common drink devoured by many. For many people, a cup of coffee is a part of their morning ritual. A good cup of coffee in the morning sets the mood for the entire day. It acts as an energy booster and refreshes your mind. This keeps you productive throughout the day. There are a lot of health benefits to coffee as well. It consists of caffeine which is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants kill free radicals and reduce inflammation in the body. The risk of critical diseases like diabetes, depression, cardiovascular diseases also reduces.

Those who love coffee, need a perfect cup of hot coffee to start their day. If the coffee isn’t made carefully the entire flavor goes bad. Following a few simple rules, you can make your own perfect cup of coffee in your home. Let’s have a look at these pointers in detail.

6 quick ways to make perfect cup of coffee6 quick ways to make perfect cup of coffee6 quick ways to make perfect cup of coffee6 quick ways to make perfect cup of coffee6 quick ways to make perfect cup of coffee

Use fresh, whole bean coffee

Coffee reaches its peak flavor within days after it has been roasted. Ideally, it should be consumed within a month of its roast date. Many times you won’t find a coffee roasting date on the coffee pack that you are buying in the supermarket. Thus, buying pre-ground coffee isn’t’ a good idea at all. Visit some local coffee shops to buy fresh coffee beans. You can either get it roasted on the spot or do it at your home. If the beans are fresh, your coffee will taste amazing.

Proper storage

Proper storage of the coffee beans will keep the coffee fresh for longer durations. An airtight jar or container with a one-way valve should be good enough to keep the coffee fresh. The flavors will remain intact, so every time you make coffee it will taste the same. You can grind the coffee and store it as well. But, ground coffee loses its flavor faster, hence it isn’t recommended to do so. Never refrigerate coffee, especially the dark roasts. Optimally, buy a week’s supply of coffee and store it at room temperature.

Grind the coffee yourself

Grinding coffee at home will ensure that the coffee used is fresh and remains flavorful. Grinding consistency is important. Thus, use a medium to a medium-fine grinder to grind the coffee beans. Coffee starts losing its flavor within a few minutes of being ground. Therefore, it is advised to grind coffee just before the brewing process.

Use good quality water

Tap water is hard in nature and consists of a high quantity of chlorine. Using this water to make coffee will ruin the entire pot of coffee. Distilled water is also destructive for making coffee as it lacks ions and mineral content. You can apply charcoal or carbon filters on the tap to reduce the chlorine content of the water to make it usable for making coffee. Another method would be to use bottled spring water to make coffee. Mineral balance is important to make high-quality coffee.

Avoid cheap filters

A sub-standard coffee filter will yield inferior coffee. You should always buy oxygen-bleached or dioxin-free filters for making coffee. You can also invest in a gold-plated filter like SwissGold to make coffee. These filters have a long life and deliver maximum flavor. If your coffee is ground to the right size then these filters will work effectively.

Use coffee pods

If you don’t want any hassle of buying coffee making equipment, you can buy coffee pods for making coffee. Once you dip the coffee pod in hot water, your coffee will be ready within minutes. One coffee pod is good enough to make a 40 ml espresso coffee. These pods are available in a variety of flavors and easy to carry as well. You can enjoy your favorite coffee even outside your home as well. Moreover, the coffee pods are biodegradable and hence can be disposed of easily. Switching to pods will also help you in living a sustainable lifestyle as your household’s carbon footprint will decrease.

We know that you love coffee and hence we have compiled tried and tested ways of making the best home-brewed coffee in this article. Follow these tips to enjoy a high-quality pot of coffee at your home and save money in buying overpriced coffee from cafes.

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