6 Reasons Why Virtual Relationships Are Not As Bad As You Think

Despite the increasing interest in dating websites, with new outlets being launched on a regular basis and many of the longer-standing versions attracting huge membership numbers, a certain stigma still surrounds the subject. People with no direct experience of using online matching platforms might view them as a last resort for singles who’ve failed to meet a partner anywhere else. There can also be a tendency to fixate on stories about unscrupulous individuals using the Internet to create fake dating accounts – the so-called catfish phenomenon. But looking beyond the rumors presents a different picture of online flirting. Here are six reasons why virtual relationships are to be applauded rather than disparaged.

They are all-inclusive

The Internet is a level playing field where relationships are concerned. One of the most potent features of dating sites is the way they transcend international and cultural barriers. When you hang out in traditional singles outlets, such as bars or social functions, you only ever interact with a finite group of individuals, and these tend to be people you have a lot in common with in terms of social background, age demographic and so on. Online, you have the potential to connect with individuals from a diverse cross-section of your own country, and far beyond.

They allow you to fine-tune communication skills

The nature of a virtual relationship means you are initially attempting to establish a strong rapport with someone, not through face-to-face conversation, but through text exchanges. This means you need to be on-point when you are composing your messages, so you’ll be less inclined to indulge in the inane waffle which can pass for chit-chat in the real world. Concentrating on developing a sense of chemistry, you’ll cover more sincere conversation topics.

They introduce matches according to compatibility

Most of us will have had some experience of finding ourselves in the company of someone unsuitable during a dating situation. Wherever we happen to be when meeting other singles in the real world, we are often bumping into random strangers, individuals we have no way of knowing anything about their background or aspirations. With matching websites, built-in algorithms are used to try and engineer meetings between site users who are on the same wavelength. As you clients browse through profile descriptions, they can readily home in on individuals they have the most in common with.

They are a launch pad to fulfilling offline partnerships

There is a common preconception virtual relationship can become some sort of replacement for the real thing. If people are comfortable introducing themselves in the environment, going on to establish regular communications, sometimes via web chatting software, then surely this online friendship doesn’t really need to evolve into anything more concrete? In reality, Internet dating is merely a stepping stone leading towards a real relationship. The ultimate aim should always be to prepare for the all-important face-to-face meeting.

They offer clients a relaxed environment

What could be more laid back than sifting through profile photos and descriptions from the comfort of your own home, choosing whom to get in touch with, wherever you happen to be and at any time of day? There’s no pressure on clients to follow on any connection they feel isn’t going as well as they expected, and it’s entirely up to them who they eventually decide to pursue.

They present multiple ways to connect

The more comfortable you become with virtual dating, the more you’ll become attuned to the various methods of communication. Live web chats, regular texts, chat rooms discussions … the dating world is your oyster.

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