6 Things to Do When Your Flight Is Delayed

While going on a trip somewhere can be a lot of fun, it can also bring up some unexpected issues. Sometimes when you are traveling, inconveniences can happen, like a delayed flight. When your flight is delayed, this can be a really frustrating situation to be in since you’re probably already stuck waiting at the airport for your flight to be ready or to get on the next one. The good news is that there are lots of ways to pass the time while you are waiting. While you might just want to sit and wait for the announcement that you can go to your gate, this is going to be quite boring depending on how long you need to wait. Instead, there are several ways to keep yourself busy. 

Play Games

Most airports have free Wi-Fi that you can use while you are waiting and if you’re at a larger airport, there are probably free charging points for your phone too. This makes it a great time to enjoy yourself while playing a game you like. Check out your phone’s app store for new games that you can download to pass the time or try your luck with the casinos reviewed at  

Research Your Destination

With your newfound free time at the airport, you can definitely learn a lot about the destination where you are going. Use your phone, laptop, or tablet to research your destination and find out more about what is available in the area. Check out different tourist attractions and activities that are available and book your tickets online if you are interested, so that by the time you eventually get there, you’ve already got a plan. 

Be Productive

While you might not be thinking about work when you’re about to head off on a trip, it can be a good time to catch up on anything that you have been putting off if your flight is delayed and you have nothing else to do anyway. Whether you want to clear out some of your downloads from your computer, get a head start on work that you will need to get on with after you return, write an important email, or set your out of office reply, being stuck at the airport is a good time to get productive and get some things out of the way. 

Catch Up on a Show

There are tons of great shows out these days, and you’ve probably got some that you’re halfway through or shows on your list that you need to keep up with. But maybe like many people, you’ve begun to feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to watch all the shows you want to see. When your flight is delayed, it’s a great time to check out all the shows you’ve been putting off. You can easily watch Netflix and Amazon Prime on your phone thanks to the app, and the free Wi-Fi at the airport means that you can binge-watch without worrying about using up all your data. 

Explore the Airport

If your delay isn’t going to be very long and you can’t get out of the airport while you are waiting, then it’s a great time to explore the airport itself. There are lots of airports around the world that actually have some quite interesting and unique things about them. But even if the one you are delayed at doesn’t, it can be fun to check out the shops and restaurants and see if there is anything nice that you might want to buy in the Duty-Free. 

Visit the Airport Lounge

If you have a long wait ahead for your flight, then it’s always worth paying a little more to be comfortable. While airport lounges can be pricey, this can be worth paying if you travel a lot and want to make waiting at the airport a more enjoyable experience. But even if you don’t fly a huge amount and still want to wait in the lounge when your flight is delayed, you can usually get in for a one-off fee. 

Dealing with a delayed flight can be frustrating, but thankfully your additional time at the airport doesn’t have to be boring. 

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