6 tips to get the best price while selling your car

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The automobile industry has come a long way. You see more cars on the road today than ever before. It is because cars have become comparatively cheaper in terms of price. However, pondering to buy a brand new car can still give nightmares to many. Therefore, the majority of people turn to used cars.

So if you are done with your old car because you want to try your hand on a different model, there are so many buyers waiting out there to drive your unit. Frankly,selling a car isn’t a big deal. Any grocer’s boy can do that. But you have to take the following steps to ensure that the deal ends up giving you the best price for your car:

1. Evaluate the worth of your car

There are so many factors involved in the purchase and sale of cars. Having know-how about the market can clarify a lot of things to you. If you do a little bit of market research, it will dawn upon you that all cars are different.

While the timing could be suitable to sell a sedan car, the sports car might not make a solid amount during the same season. Depending on the type of car, you can either proceed or delay the sale. Besides, exploring the market will also reveal how much people are typically paying for your type of car.

With the help of different websites, you can even narrow down the criteria based on color, mileage geographical location, and so on.It is highly probable that,without knowing the market value, you can set up your car price either too high or too low.

Lastly, your car price should be a little higher than what you are prepared to accept because you might have to waive off some bucks in the negotiation process.

2. Maintain records

There is nothing better than providing people a record of your car in black and white. It will brush away all the doubts in their minds. So instead of saying verbally that your car has never been involved in an accident, show up with a CarFax report to further legitimize your claim.

Similarly, you should also provide services and maintenance records to give buyers more confidence.

3. Clean your car inside out

Going by the industry’s terminology, it is called curb appeal. The curb appeal is critical to give a strong first impression to the buyers. Regardless of the decent condition of your vehicle, a dirty-looking car is an absolute non-starter. As a buyer, one can easily confuse inadequate cleaning with inadequate maintenance.

You might be thinking that a usualcar wash will do an excellent job, but you will have to walk an extra mile here.For example, sellers ignore low-key repairs, which can be done on their own. As a result, they lose some money which could be saved without much effort.

The best way to clean your car is to put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. It will automatically trigger your mind to focus more on the features which you might otherwise overlook. If it takes longer to sell your car, the glimmer of your car can be faded away, and you might have to indulge in cleaning again.

4. Choose advertising platforms wisely

Once you have jotted down all the details and gathered all the high-quality photographs, it’s time to publish them on a suitable advertising platform. If you cherry-pick the wrong place for advertisement, your car might take longer to sell, or it might not even across to potential buyers at all.

The era of newspaper ads might not have come to a close. However, you should rather go for online ads. It will increase the reach of your ad. Along with Autocoincars,Craigslist.com, there are tons of other websites waiting to display your car.

You can also rely on social media. If you are active on Twitter, a few tips using twitter for marketing will help.

5. Create appealing ads

While creating an ad, remember honesty is the best policy. Do mention all the good things about the car but also write fairly about the repairs, if any. Moreover, your ad must not stretch too long. Avoid using technical terms because many common people would be aware of such a language.

Now let’s talk about the most crucial aspect of the ads – photographs. They can either make or break your deal. So, by any means, you can’t go wrong here.Bear the following key points in mind while capturing photos of your cars.

  • Pay attention to the quality of the photos. Grab a nice smartphone or camera. Sunset and overcast conditions provide the best lighting. So schedule your photo-session accordingly
  • Take the photos of the exterior as well interior from various angles. Don’t refrain from close up shots. If you don’t come up with close-ups, it will be perceived as an attempt tobrush something under the carpet
  • Including the photo of the odometer is a must

6. Invite for a test drive

Several online platforms have made it easier to sell and buy cars, but the aspect of test drive has not been taken out of the equation. If people are turned on by your offer, they would like to drive your car before closing the deal. Even if someone is narrowly interested in your proposal, driving the car may change their perception of your unit. That’s why you should call the potential buyers for the test drive.

To avoid any inconvenience, you must accompany buyers during the drive because they could be unaware of the location. Keep your impulses in check and stay away from unnecessarily glamorizing your car. In other words,you should say no more than responding to the questions of the buyerson the drive.

Final thoughts

If you thought that you would have to master a salesman’s skills to sell your car, see how wrong you were. You don’t need to play any marketing turn and tricks with buyers, either. All you have to do is to execute these strategies, and the best price will be just a matter of time.

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