6 Tips to Improve Productivity While Working from Home

Working from home has its benefits. There’s plenty of snacks, you can work at your own pace, and it’s far more comfortable working in your pajamas than office wear. At home, no one is watching, apart from perhaps your pet, meaning that there’s a lot less stress and peer pressure, which is a massive benefit over the office. However, there are moments when things can get draining and monotonous at home, leading to poor engagement and overall bad productivity.

Sometimes, the positives of working at home can be the contributing factors into making it an awkward space to get stuff done. There’s plenty of distractions, and it’s easier to get inside your own head when all alone, making the pull of procrastination stronger.

If you’re feeling that you’re not getting as much as you should done while working at home, these tips might help you maximize your output, improving your working at home experience, while also impressing your boss in the meantime.

Start as soon as you can

For many people, the last thing they’d want to do after waking up is go straight into work, but it’s been suggested that this can make your day much more productive. By doing this, you’re getting started on tasks early, setting yourself up for completing them well during the remainder of the day.

By simply waking up, maybe having a good cup of coffee, then diving straight into your to-do-list, you’ll eradicate that groggy morning feeling quicker, giving you a clear head for the rest of the day. You can always make breakfast once you hit a wall or need a break after you get going, and by doing so, you’ll find that you could get a ton done early.

Imitate the office day

Doing all the things you do that are associated with work can really help in making you feel more productive. Although it sounds like removing the potential benefits of working from home, by mirroring the tasks of a normal working day, you can almost calibrate your brain into functioning better.

Doing the usual stuff by waking up to an alarm, having a coffee and wearing nice clothes can make you feel much more put together and prepared to face the day, hopefully boosting your productivity in the meantime.

Create and follow a routine

When working at home, it’s up to you to organize the structure of the day. As much as it’s tempting to wake up at noon and stay up all night binge-watching Netflix, it’s these practices that could negatively contribute to your productivity.

Routines are a fantastic way to make your time working at home more efficient, but there are other factors into how to work from home better. A good rule of thumb is to structure your day at home, similarly to how it would be in the office. If you do the bulk of your writing in the morning, do that in the morning, if you take calls in the afternoon, do that in the afternoon. It’s this familiarity of routine which will hopefully keep you on track.

It’s also vital that you schedule breaks into your routine, as without them you can quickly lose focus and burn out.

Have a specific workspace

The power of association is so vital regarding productivity. It’s this reason why having a specific space to work can really boost your productivity levels because just being in that space can make you ready to tackle tasks.

One of the worst things that a person can do is use spaces such as sofa’s or beds, as these places are designed for leisure and will demotivate you. Also, getting work done while lounging in bed can be negative for your health, as it can start making you have trouble sleeping. This is why people say it’s best to keep computers and TV’s out of bedrooms as well.

Listen to the right music

Music can be a powerful motivator. A steady 120bpm song can help you run faster, a slower, more soothing track can aid in relaxation, and the right song can help you work better.

It’s important to choose the right types of songs, though. You want to avoid songs with lyrics as they can be distracting, and songs with a too extreme beat can raise energy levels, putting you in the wrong headspace to work well. It’s for these reasons that video game soundtracks, and to a lesser extent, film soundtracks, are good sources of work music because they are lyrics free and designed to help you concentrate.

Change your environment

Challenging to do now, because of the current pandemic, but having a change of scenery can really help you feel refreshed and more productive. Altering the configuration of your workstation or working in a different part of your living quarters can be enough to give you that boost.

Of course when guidelines permit it, spending a day working in a coffee shop or a park is an excellent way to make you feel less entrapped inside your own house, your own head and your work, and can be a freeing activity to boost productivity.

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