6 Ways to Improve Internal Business Communication

Miscommunication is a frequent and serious problem in most companies. No matter how many members your team has, if they all communicate poorly, you won’t get anything done. Every one of them will do their job the way they think they should instead of the way it was communicated. This further leads to missing important updates or the latest corporate news. The team and the management become frustrated because of the ambiguous and mixed messages they receive. There is no easy fix to this situation. You need a direct and well-planned process. With a few far-reaching changes and time, internal communication will soon enough start to run smoothly.

Attract and Reach Your Audience

Do your employees ignore your messages and emails? Do they misinterpret your messages? It’s time you start treating them as your target audience. This means you should do what you can to attract and reach them as you normally would for a client. Start with creating and sharing engaging content for your employees. Come up with a story reflecting the company’s mission and culture. Share amusing and stimulating interviews with employees. Use different communicative channels to deliver and spread your message. Keep your employees entertained with humorous and captivating content. This way, you will surely provoke some kind of reaction and make them want to participate in content creation and interaction.

Use Innovative Tools for Communication

Most companies make a huge mistake when they decide to use emails for communication with employees. Surely, emails are the most accessible tools for communication. However, technology has advanced so much over the past years. Today, there are numerous other equally good, if not better, communicative tools. Slack, Zoom, Skype, intranet software — the list goes on. If you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, you can combine various tools. Use one only for important updates, another one for video calls, and the third one for more elaborate texts. You will not only make the communication process easier but also more attractive to your employees. The more features the channel has, the more appealing it is to them. They can informally chat among themselves and foster harmonious and friendly relationships.

Encourage Face to Face Communication

While using communicative tools is a necessity, you can achieve much more with the good old face to face communication. Encourage your employees to take breaks, leave their desks, and talk with their coworkers. It is better than sending a message or an email. Firstly, they can explain their question or problem much better in person. Secondly, they build trust and get to know each other. Lastly, they start working as a true team. In case your employees work remotely, they can still interact. Video conferences and calls will do the trick. Such open and honest communication not only increases their productivity but also builds a support network and a great community.

Provide Regular Updates

There is no better way to improve business communication than by sharing information and updates. They not only help your employees complete their tasks but also increases transparency within the company. Most managers provide weekly or monthly updates. They serve both as a summary of completed projects and the announcement of upcoming ones. They can be created in such a way to collect feedback too. Employees can think up innovative ideas and share them with you and their coworkers. You can use these ideas and collected data to improve your products and services. Also, you can make improvements around the workplace regarding team activities, equipment, etc.

Carry Out an Open-Door Policy

Many companies have an open-door policy. Unfortunately, in most cases, it is a fictional one. When employees really knock on their managers’ office doors, they aren’t available or ready to help. How can they expect to have good communication with employees with such a negative attitude? If you truly want relationships and interactions with employees to improve, you have to pursue this policy the right way. This means, making yourself, as the manager, approachable to your employees. Make time during the day to hear them out and help if you can. When your employees see how much you care about them, they will start communicating freely.

Maintain Relationships

To boost internal communication, you have to boost the external one too. If you want to have an effective employee communication, you have to maintain relationships with them outside work. For this reason, you should encourage your employees to talk about their interests, hobbies, families, etc. As they get to know each other, their communication in the workplace also improves. They become more aware of their coworkers’ skills, behaviors, work habits, and abilities. Therefore, not only do you strengthen internal communication but also their team spirit.

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