7 Amazing Office Gadgets: Enhance Your Office-Experience Using Them

Want to make your office life enhanced with cool gadgets? Then, you must read this article as we have brought for you 7 cool Office Gadgets which you will love to know about.

We all go to the office every day and perform the daily work routine, sometimes it gets boring as there is nothing new and interesting and is the same repetitive experience. We can’t stop going to the office but we can definitely make the office experience more interesting using these cool gadgets.

Your day-to-day office experience will get enhanced and smoother using these gadgets so let’s check out all 7 of them in detail and know their interesting utilities.

  1. Personal Mini Fridge

Something which is not necessary but good to have in the office is a personal mini-fridge. You can store cold drinks, milk, chocolates or anything else you want in it and just get it out when you feel tired after doing a lot of work.

There might be a common fridge in your office for all the employees but this one will be separate for you and only your items will be stored in it.

If you find it too expensive then you can buy it in sharing with your colleagues and in this way, you and your colleagues will be able to use it together.

Just find a suitable space in your office to locate this mini-fridge and buy it to have a great office time!


  1. Desktop Punching Ball

A desktop punching ball is good for those who have too much stress in their office, they can release their stress by punching this ball. For those who can’t handle their stress, frustration, and anger in their office. This office gadget is a must’ve gadget to keep on their desk and punch it whenever they feel the need for doing so.

One will feel much calm and relaxed while working which will eventually boost productivity in the work. If you feel shy to keep it at your office then you can keep it at home and punch it whenever needed.

  1. Self-Stirring mug

Do you love drinking tea or coffee at regular intervals while working? Then, you should get this self-stirring mug. With this mug, you don’t have to stir the mug to mix the ingredients well as the mug will do the stirring work for you.

There comes a button that you need to press after filling all the ingredients required for making your tea or coffee and then the mug will mix it well. So, if you want to get rid of the manual stirring then this is the best option for you.

Show this amazing mug to your boss and he/she will definitely love it too.

  1. Stationery Holder

If you keep too many stationery items just here and there on your desk then you should get a stationery holder to keep everything well organized. You can put your pens, pencils, paper, and other stuff in this holder and take out when you need them. In this way, you won’t have trouble finding them whenever needed and your desk will look well organized too.

  1. Cable clips

Cable clips are quite useful not only in your office but at your home too. In the office, you might be using a number of different chargers for various devices. For example, there will be a mobile device, iPad, laptop, tablet, etc.

You can use the cable clips to hold the charger pins on your desk. Just stick the cable clip on your desk and hold the charger pin in it. You will require as many cable clips as equivalent to the number of charger pins you want to hold. This way your charger pins will be handy whenever needed.

  1. Office Nap chair

This office nap chair is really good for those who work for long hours and need a break in between to get relaxed. It is very comfortable and one can even keep his legs on the footrest.

After a tight work schedule for the day, if one wants to rest in between, he/she can do so by using this chair. This chair can be used as a normal chair as well, one can push the footrest inside and it will become a normal chair.

Instead of using a simple chair in your office, you can convince your boss to get this one as it provides a two-in-one benefit.

  1. Air Bar

Airbar is another cool gadget that will make your normal laptop become touchscreen enabled. If you have a normal laptop but now wish to have a touchscreen one then you can get this airbar and stick it to the bottom part of the laptop screen and it will make your normal laptop operate as a touchscreen one.

You have to plug the USB cable of the air bar in your laptop for power source and it will start working.

If you want to operate your office laptop with a touchscreen then you can use this cool device. We ensure your office colleagues will love this cool device and appreciate your smart choice as well!

So, here was the list of amazing office gadgets. Hope you had a good time knowing about them. Choose any of these gadgets and use them in your office to make your office life easy, simple, and interesting. Keep following Architecturesideas to get more such informative articles!

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