7 Things to Keep in Mind While Wearing a Saree

A saree is a beautiful and graceful piece of outfit that is not only a gift to India but the world. There are many right reasons to love a saree, and its class and femininity are among the many reasons. Plus, it is perfect for all women, although you have to know which one is ideal for your body type. Today, the saree is loved by many due to the many designs it has, its fusion blends, and its modern blouse designs. Here are some things you must keep in mind while wearing a saree.

1. Consider your body shape

Although all women can adorn to the saree. It is best to consider your body shape. Consider your height when you are looking for the fabric for your designer saree online so that they fit your frame perfectly. For instance, if you are tall any fabric and print suit your frame. While for the shorter frame it is important you consider some things like the embroidery and heaviness of the fabric to avoid the one that will make you feel more burdened. Go for light fabrics and embellishments as they will suit you best. To achieve a slimming effect that makes you appear taller. Choose vertical prints and dress to a saree with dark colors.

2. Petticoat issues

If you still love wearing your saree with a petticoat. Then ensure that it’s on its place the whole day as it is important in holding the saree in its place. As a vital part of the saree, you need to know where to best tie your petticoat. Depending on your body shape, you can tie it above or below the navel. More importantly, too below or above the mentioned point will make your saree ensemble look out of place and also make you feel uncomfortable walking around in it. Additionally, avoid a petticoat that has a flare as it will only make you look fluffed up, hence choose an ideal petticoat for your saree. Optionally, you can wear with leggings or fitting pants instead of a petticoat if you prefer.

3. Use safety pins

Nowadays, there are ready-made sarees that are pre-stiched in certain draping styles for different body sizes and shapes. However, not everyone prefers these sarees as they limit you from draping the saree in another design. For this reason, it is best to use safety pins to tuck the pallu and pleats at the right places. The pins also ensure that you are free to do other tasks comfortably without the worry of the saree getting loose or falling. Ensure the pins you use are enough and not too much that they are visible in different places of the saree. Also, do not just use any other pins that can prick you. Use safety pins as they are safe and secure.

4. Drape differently

Today, there are many ways to drape your saree and stand out from other women wearing the saree. Try as many draping styles as you can and choose one that fits your style and looks attractive. Do not underestimate the few yards of cloth it has, as there are many ways in which you can drape it. Consider your body type as you choose from the many draping types and blouse designs that you are wearing it with. Do not limit yourself to the styles that you get, as you can also get your creative mind on and try out a unique draping style.

5. Pick the right blouse

The blouses that you wear with a saree are now of a better design in comparison with the past saree blouses. They have unique cuts, lengths, embellishments, among other things. Therefore, it is vital to keep in mind the type of saree blouse you want to wear and how perfectly it will look on your saree. Consider the right pattern for upper body structure. For instance, if you have slender arms, then try cut sleeves and short sleeves. Also, for a fuller chest consider a heavily embroidered blouse and if you have heavy arms, consider three-quarter sleeves. The idea here is to know your problem areas and how to best conceal them with your saree look. The blouse should be the right fit and not too tight nor too loose.

6. Select the fabric wisely

The fabric of your saree speaks volumes of your saree ensemble. Especially, if you are a first-timer, select the fabric for your saree carefully. The best fabric is the airy one and light one that you can carry with ease. Georgette, chiffon and net fabrics are some good picks as they are easy to move around in and carry as well. Cotton and satin are some of the fabrics that you should avoid as they are stiff fabrics. Nonetheless, if you are a regular saree wearer, choose cotton for comfort and silk for its vibrant appeal and its luxurious texture.

7. Choose appropriate footwear

Sarees require the right type of shoe to complete accessorizing it. Flat shoes with a saree are a bad choice of footwear unless you are walking around the house. While wedges and pumps, do not blend well either as they do not complement the saree. However, comfort is key when choosing the right footwear, as style comes in second. If you opt for heels, you win in your saree look as it gives you the right posture and a high level of confidence. However, avoid stilettoes especially if you are not a regular saree wearer as you can easily topple over. Choose high heels with an inch that you can comfortably walk in and style your saree for the next event.

In summary, the above-mentioned things are important when you are wearing a saree if you want a perfect saree look. Although there are other things to consider like accessories, makeup, among other things. The above are the main ones, especially for the first-time saree wearers.

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