8 Tips and Tricks to a Perfect essay writing

Have you ever struggled with writing an essay? There’s no reason to dread the essay writing process if you arm yourself with the right tactics. An essay can be used in many different ways; therefore, it can be difficult to write one that captures your reader’s attention from the beginning and keeps it until the end of your piece. Follow these eight tips and tricks to ensure that you are able to craft well-written essays every time you need to do so, no matter what their purpose may be.

1) Start early

Planning is the most important part of an essay. If you want your paper to come out perfect, start early so that you have ample time for research and brainstorming. Organize your thoughts in advance. Don’t think about topics as much when you start writing because your mind will be cluttered with all sorts of different things, making it difficult for you to get started or stay on topic. Once you’ve finished planning, try to take at least one night off before starting the first draft of your essay.  One of the best ways to ensure that you’re on track with your argument is by working backwards from a thesis statement.

2) Use mobile apps

In order to come up with the perfect essay, try these 5 mobile apps: Google Docs, Evernote, Hemingway App, Microsoft Word, Simplenote. Google Docs is great for online word processing and managing multiple documents simultaneously. It also has its own version of Track Changes (very similar to Microsoft Word) so you can see which sentences have been edited.

3) Organize your sources

Organize your sources according to the order in which you will use them. If you are using a source that is more general, like an encyclopedia, place it first so that it can be used as an introductory source for your paper. Save the sources that are most specific or related to your topic for last so they can be referenced when needed.

4) Outline, outline, outline

Make an outline before you start. To do this, look at the prompt, then answer all of the questions that it asks. You can use your notes or take good notes while reading. Once you have answered all of the questions, rank them in order of importance by answering these two questions: 1) What is the most important question that this prompt asks? 2) Which question will be easiest for me to answer?

5) Check your facts

Students commonly make the mistake of presenting too much information about one or two subjects. It is best to try and focus on one idea, which will allow for better flow in your essay.

In some cases, it may also be beneficial to include contextual information on the background of what you are discussing in your thesis statement as well as in throughout your body paragraphs. This can help your audience understand more clearly what you are talking about while they read the essay.

6) Use credible examples

Make sure that you are always looking for credible examples. For example, if you are talking about the evolution of social media in the workplace, use examples from reputable sources like Business Insider or Harvard Business Review. If your point is more personal, then find evidence from personal experience. Whatever you do, don’t make it up! That’s just going to make you look bad. Secondly, be concise: people don’t want to read a five-page essay when they can skim through it quickly and get the main points.

7) Proofread before you submit

As an essay writer, always proofread your work before submitting it. Mistakes will show up the more you read through your work. It is important to read over what you have written in order to catch any errors, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, or punctuation mistakes. You may also want to ask someone else who has not seen your paper to proofread it for you as well.

8) Look after yourself

Always keep in mind that essay writers are professionals with the right skillset. They know how to create an essay in line with your specifications, and they have vast experience with all sorts of different topics. If you’re still not convinced, there are plenty of reviews on various websites for you to check out. All that’s left is for you to pick up the phone and make your order!


In conclusion , perfect essays do not just happen. They take time, effort, and patience. The best way to have a perfect essay is to not just write it but edit it. Edit your paper for grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and logic flow. Editing will make the paper easier for readers to understand and more enjoyable for them to read.

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