9 Style Tips for a Casino Date

9 Style Tips for a Casino Date

Despite being excited to be going on a casino date with an old flame you have just reconnected with, the one concern every woman has is what to wear. Here are some guidelines that will point you in the right direction. Some ideas on how to make a statement are also included.

Research the Dress Code 

If you are not sure what dress code the casino has, look up their website and examine any pictures that show you what others are wearing. The décor may also reveal some clues. Alternatively, you could call and ask them. 

Understanding the Casual Dress Code

Having determined from the casino what their dress code is, you are better positioned to choose your outfit. If it’s casual, you are safe with jeans, boots, and a top or tee. Smart casual mixes casual and business casual dress codes, which means khaki pants or dark jeans and a smarter top than casual. A jacket or blazer will complement the look. 

Understanding the Formal Dress Code 

For semi-formal, the safest bet is your little black number with matching heels. Formal wear requires a full-on fancy evening dress that touches the ground. A full evening dress is unlikely to be applicable. Also known as white tie, this is an event that requires full formal wear with long gloves. It usually applies to royalty or celebrities.

Matching Dress Code

It is always a good idea for you and your date to match in terms of the formality of the occasion. That way neither of you is an embarrassment to the other and if both of you are underdressed you can change your plans and go elsewhere. He may, of course, be planning on a smarter outfit with a business suit and tie. In that case, opt for something chicer, even if the dress code is casual.

If In Doubt…

If in doubt about the code, dress up, not down. If you’re unsure between semi-formal and formal, select a mid-length, shimmering dress in stunning color. This also applies to evening events that start after 6 pm.

Dress for the Whole Night

Determine whether the night will end after the casino or carry on to a restaurant. Cocktails and dinner would call for a more formal look. If there is a nightclub attached to the casino and the date goes well, chances are you will end up dancing the night away. You can even carry on the fun when you get back home with an online casino found at

Choose Your Shoes Carefully

Shoes should always align with how formal your outfit is as well as with the actual outfit. Your date’s shoes should match the color of his suit, e.g., brown with brown, black with black. If you are opting for high heels, make sure you can maintain an elegant walk in them, can wear them without discomfort for the whole night, and that they are suitable for dancing. An absolute no-no is flip-flops or sneakers.

Showing Off Your Special Spark

Now that you know what dress code is required and what your date will be wearing, you can scan through your wardrobe for something suitable. If nothing is right, then it’s time to shop. Bold, colorful dresses are perfect for a daytime date at the casino. They should not be shorter than an inch above your knees. Otherwise, you can be as flamboyant as you please. If you’re feeling playful and the attire is casual, go for a romper or playsuit. If you are very confident and have an hourglass figure, choose a bodycon dress for your little black number. Try a black velvet dress for the tables.


Makeup should complement your outfit. While not overdoing it, you can experiment with bolder than normal makeup and unusual colors for an evening date. With a casual dress code, especially in the daytime, stick to light, natural colors, and lip-gloss. You can accentuate this with a small hint of eyeliner.

Although it is fun if a little bit scary preparing for a first date, simply follow the guidelines and you will be confident that you are dressed for the occasion. So, you can put concerns about your looks aside and simply focus on enjoying the evening. Remember that it is the connection between two people that matters.

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