A Cheaper Variant of Mi 10 in India? Xiaomi Set to Launch the New Model in January

mi 10 indian variation

Xiaomi took to Twitter to announce the launch of their new device, possibly set to hit the Indian markets on January 5.

Without revealing too much in the 10-second clip, Xiaomi did give its followers enough information to leave them asking for more. If we are to go by the video, all signs point to an impeccable New Year’s present from the Chinese smartphone manufacturer.

The post mentioned, “A perfect start to the new year. #ThePerfect10. Guess what’s coming and 10 lucky winners stand a chance to win #Mi goodies perfect for all you enthusiasts. A hint is in the video.”

Inspired by Mi 10 and Mi 10T Lite?

Xiaomi’s new model is likely to be its latest offering in its long array of budget smartphones. The Twitter video features a quad-camera set-up similar to the one seen on the Mi 10T Lite’s rear panel. In the final seconds of the clip, we also get a quick flash as the setting transitions into ‘108’ with the tagline ‘The Perfect 10.’

By the looks of the video and reports circulating on the internet, this new model’s flagship trait will be its powerful 108MP camera lens, similar to the one seen in the Mi 10. 

This is interesting for several reasons – for one, the Mi 10T Lite has a 64MP camera. Does it mean that Xiaomi, solely for the Indian market, has upgraded the camera specs of this device? Or has it taken the ‘camera core’ from Mi 10 and blended it with the Mi 10T Lite?

Whatever may be the case, photography and selfie fans will certainly benefit from Xiaomi’s new model. Going by the Mi 10T Lite camera specs, the phone comes with a 64MP main camera, complemented further by an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, 2MP macro lens, and a 2MP depth sensor.

As for Mi 10 itself, it has highly similar specs, except the 108MP main camera and the 13MP ultra-wide-angle lens.

In all likelihood, the new variant of the Mi 10T Lite in India will have similar camera specs. But what about the other features like core and battery?

Hold the World in the Palm of your Hands

At this point in time, not much is known about the phone’s specifications, but we expect it to follow the same suit as its Mi 10T Lite counterpart. The processor is likely to be Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G with an impeccable battery life of 4,820 mAh. The device also comes with a 33W fast charger.

For a layman, these specifications may not hold a lot of value. However, there is no limit to what one can do with this budget phone. From enjoying betting sites in India to endless scrolling on social media, messaging, streaming, watching videos, and everything else, users would be able to do it all, and more.

Coming to the matter of pricing, the Mi 10T Lite is priced at approximately Rs.20,000 in the UK market. Now, we can the price to remain along the same lines for the Indian audience too or perhaps, a bit more, considering the upgrade on the camera we are likely to get.

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