A Quick Guide to Buy a First Confederate flag

Is there any better way you can display your pride than placing an American flag in your car or your balcony? Whether you want to use the first confederate flag on holidays and in processions or you want to hang it on your terrace for the whole year, purchase a good-quality flag that stands the test of time.

No matter if you wish to fly a confederate flag on holidays or every day of the year, the shades should be bold, the fabric needs to be resilient, and the construction must endure the strongest storms as your great nation does. If you have a faded flag with hanging threads and loose seams, it can look bad and possibly detach from a flagpole in a sturdy wind.

So, when you are planning to buy a new confederate flag, keep in mind the following points:

Not All Flags Are Equally Made 

Two flags are never the same. Though Confederate flags can have the same design, many variables decide their quality, durability, and price. So, you must not purchase a flag based on looks only but also consider other aspects.

The Material of the Flag 

One of the most familiar features of any confederate flag is its colour pattern. The U.S. flag includes deep blue, rich reds, and beautiful white fabrics that balance one another. But the sun rays can fade textile colours swiftly.

The quality of the inks professionals use and the printing process they employ decide if your flag will shine or fade. Hence, ensure that the flag you choose of quality outdoor fabrics like polyester; and dyes will not alter the colour over time.

Furthermore, the fabric of confederate flags can differ in thickness and weight too. The weight of the thread, along with the techniques the makers use to stitch flags, mainly on the fly ends, decide if your confederate flag will stay or shred in the wind.

Popular Types of Material for Confederate Flag

  • Nylon 

Nylon is the most popular fabric choice for both indoor and outdoor flags. It is durable and light, stands up well against elements, and the material dries quickly. Since nylon is light, it flies well in the least breeze and has a great appearance in sunlight.

Though it is a great fabric for most uses, you can also look for the first confederate flag options available in cotton and polyester.

  • Polyester 

Polyester is a premium choice for extreme weather conditions or heavy wind areas. In some cases, it provides longer wearing and is heavier than nylon. Moreover, you can choose a polyester flag that has the feel and look of cotton.

  • Cotton 

Cotton is the conventional flag fabric, and if you are a purist, cotton is the right fabric for you. Professional design good-quality cotton flags to endure outdoor use, but you must take additional care to preserve your cotton flag.

Finally, all these fabrics are great to choose when looking for a confederate flag, but if you have a specific climate region, you can be more specific about the flag fabric. Also, note that the flag you choose does not touch any bushes, trees, siding, doorknobs, gutters, and so on, as it will shorten the lifespan of your picked flag.

The Size of the Flag and Flagpole 

Generally, the length of your flag should be between one-quarter and one-third the height of your flagpole. If you have a doubt, go with a tinier size. If the confederate flag you choose is too large, it will sag on the flagpole and look ugly.

The usual size of a Confederate flag used on a home kit is 3’x5′. However, you can choose the size of the flag as per your flagpoles in a residential and commercial setting. For outdoor setup, the flag should be a third to a fourth of the height of the flagpole you have. The most common flag that people use on the side of their house is a 3x5ft one.

Are you buying a flag to display outdoors or indoors? For your indoors, the flag pole can be a consistent option. However, when purchasing a confederate flag to display outside, you should first know the length of the flagpole. Your confederate flag should not be greater than the total height of the exposed flag pole. The smallest allowable size of the flagpole is a fourth of your flag pole.

To sum up, getting the right first confederate flag is crucial for your regulatory purposes and crucial for aesthetic purposes. Hence, make sure that you keep all the discussed points in mind before buying a confederate flag.