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Afdah proxy | List of Best Afdah Mirrors and Proxies to unblock

Afdah Proxy and Mirror sites – Afdah is a popular movie streaming site operating from years. At Afdah, users have a chance to watch new Hollywood blockbusters in HD quality. The site is very easy to use as the user can find the movie through search or navigate through the list of movies. All the movies are rated for all kinds of audience and listed with appropriate details like the movie title, release date, MPAA ratings, plot, cast etc. to make it easy for users to decide which movie to watch.

Moreover, Afdah app is available for Apple iPhone/iPad and Android devices. So, regardless of where you are you can enjoy free movies on Afdah. It provides a lot of genres to choose from that includes Action, Drama, Comedy, Crime, Biography and more. Afdah provides movies of different qualities.

Afdah proxy | List of Best Afdah proxy & Mirror sites to unblock

All the movies and videos are hosted in different sites than afdah. However, the British ISPs have blocked UK residents from accessing the site. The same happened in the case of Piratebay, Kickass torrent, and FMovies. If you live in Uk, you might have faced one of these issues below:

  • Virgin: Sorry, The website you have requested is not available through Virgin Media.
  • BSkyB: Sorry, the web site is not available through BSkyB.
  • Orange: Access to this web site has been denied.
  • BT: Error – Site Blocked.
  • O2: The page you are looking for has been blocked.

Luckily, you can unblock these restrictions by using a Proxy or a VPN of your choice. But you need to have a couple of Afdah proxy sites in place. Below here, I am providing 10+ Fast and Reliable Afdah Proxy and Mirror list. All of these Mirrors of Afdah movie streaming sites with the same torrents, design, index. But, operate from different domains. So, even of the Afdah main sites such as,, are blocked in your region, you can still browse them by using the Afdah Proxy and Mirrors below.

Afdah Proxy and Mirror Sites

Afdah Proxy/ MirrorURL
afdah.unblockonline.net (Official)
Afdah Mirror
Afdah unblockedProxy sites
Afdah Uk ProxyVisit url (Working)
Unblock Afdah
Afdah Proxy 1
Afdah Proxy 2
Afdah Proxy 3
Afdah Proxy 4
Afdah Proxy 5
Your ISP and Government may track your torrent activity regardless of you using Afdah proxy sites. According to the digital media and distribution rules, it is offensive to watch pirated content on your pc. So, I advise you to use VPN software before using the Afdah Proxy and Mirror sites above.

How to Unblock Unblock Afdah Safely

Follow the steps below to unblock Afdah movie streaming without getting tracked.

Step 1: Choose any of the VPN sites mentioned. Download and Install it.

Step 2: Once Installed, enable the VPN on your computer

Step 3: After your VPN has been enabled, now, click on any of the Afdah proxy sites

So, this way it will unblock Afdah directly on your browser. And you can browse your favorite movies without any restriction. I recommend you to bookmark this article of Afdah Proxy and Mirror list because as we’ll keep on adding more Afdah proxy sites as we find them

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