After Covid: How to Adjust

Life after Covid may have been seen as a distant thought when the whole world was in the midst of the pandemic, but now it’s something that requires some active thinking. Just as the population was beginning to accept a life of isolation, a miracle happened, and vaccinations started to appear seemingly out of nowhere. From the day the first vaccine was announced, it signified another change for the world. That soon, eventually, we would begin to return to normality and life as we knew it before the virus took over the world. To some, the news was met with ecstasy. To others, it was received with a nerve-wracking fear.

Living in the middle of a lockdown is a tough task for anyone to have to do. Even more so when it is state-mandated. Whilst introverts may have had an easier time during this time, it is extroverts that suffered the most. Humans by their very nature are social animals – we crave interaction with others. It is no surprise then to see that during the pandemic, 4 in 10 adults in the US reported symptoms of anxiety or depression. For those people who live alone, this was a period where they could see virtually no one, not even family. The mental health effects of this isolation are clear, and we are only now just beginning to see the extent to which people are affected.

Now that businesses are once again open, and the vaccination process is well underway, the population is beginning to return to a version of normality we once had. But with Covid anxiety flaring, the question remains: how do we move on? One important factor is acknowledging emotions, instead of feeling ashamed for feeling them. Anxiety is something that everyone feels (albeit in different amounts) and it always helps to remember that no one is alone in feeling that way. However, the best thing to do to move on is to reacclimatise with purpose. What may not be so good is to do things outside of one’s comfort zone for the sole purpose of doing something. This carries a risk of being overwhelmed and it is far inferior to carefully planning things with intent. Rekindle that relationship with an old friend – make a date and stick to it. By doing things in this way, there is a clear path back from the old world of 2020, into the new one of 2021.

People should also take the time to participate in the things they used to take for granted such as watching a film in the cinema, ice skating at the local rink or swimming in the pool downtown. Entertainment during the lockdown was limited to cloud-based applications such as online gambling and you can find some examples here, which have proven popular throughout this period and gaming in general. So, having the usual leisure activities reopen to the public is sure to prove a popular way of moving past the anxiety and fears the pandemic has brought.

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