All You Need to Know About Life as an Influencer

Oftentimes, the lives of influencers are glamorized – they are seen as people who spent a minimal amount of time creating content, producing pictures, vlogging and get a lot of money as compensation. Some vloggers build their brand around how easy are their lives. These cause a lot of distortion in how people generally view influencers and their lifestyle. This article aims to show the other side of the story, the failures, and the daily decisions these influencers need to make to survive.

The First Year

The first year is always the hardest – there are millions of Instagrammers, YouTubers, Twitch streamers that start each year, and in one time span, more than half of them have already given up. Because most people are only familiar with the success stories, they don’t even hear about the failures, which are plenty:

  • There’s no sure-fire way to ensure people will be interested in your content. You might spend hours, days, and weeks creating the perfect video going over each frame multiple times, but it might not get more than ten side glances and sink into obscurity on the internet. This inherent uncertainty involved in content creation discourages a lot of people from continuing their journey.
  • A diverse skillset: becoming a content creator, especially during the first year, requires a diverse skillset that most people don’t possess. You need to learn how to edit photos and videos, how to choose certain pieces of music, how to write interesting pieces, doing market research and learning what piece of content is successful and which flops and why. None of these are simple tasks, and professionals spend years trying to master and perfect their skills, but you won’t have that privilege, you need to do an acceptable job in all of these things.
  • Learning how to use the tools: YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook all provide extensive tools that will help you get the most out of your account, but these are increasingly complex and you need a substantial amount of time to learn how to successfully and effectively make use of them. This is not to mention a multitude of third-party tools that you have at your disposal. Tools like Fourth Wall will help you manage your YouTube account and e-commerce platform successfully and save you tons of time in the process. You need to be on the lookout for tools like these, which will help you save a lot of time.

Building On Your Brand

Now that you’ve made it past the first year, things get kinda relaxed – you have enough money to hire editors and content writers, you have enough followers to stop worrying about money, and you have a dedicated following across multiple platforms. With all of these in place, you probably have a better job than the majority of the populace – nevertheless, there are difficult things that you need to deal with:

  • YouTube, Instagram, etc. are not as permanent and safe as a normal job. Even relatively large influencers have been banned and suspended on these platforms. Not to mention, the periodic algorithm changes that cut thousands of influencers’ paychecks in half. That is why a lot of business managers advice them to diversify their sources of income and establish themselves successfully on multiple platforms.
  • Influencers are at the mercy of their followers, and they stop having a private life. If they do anything privately, that will have a chance of making thousands of their followers angry. This constant threat that makes influencers always wary of how they act in their public and private life takes a substantial toll on them.


I hope this guide was helpful for who are just entering inflencer career.

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