All You Need To Know About The Kibo Code 2020

The world of online marketing has evolved considerably in the past few decades. Today, we can have a wide variety of products shipped to our doorstep on the same day thanks to state of the art communication, infrastructure, technology, logistics and more. 

Dominant eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Ali Baba, Facebook and more have become some of the most powerful organizations in the world with revenues exceeding trillions of dollars each year. The convenience and ease that eCommerce offers have made it the fastest growing industry of our current century and this trend is likely to stay for decades to come.

In such a growing industry competition is also often cut-throat and fierce. To stand-out in the eCommerce industry, today often requires deep pockets and tremendous amounts of skill and knowledge to make big profits. Many would argue that the tech boom is still very much alive but the chances of making massive gains, especially, in the eCommerce industry is getting progressively more and more difficult.

Competition in platforms like Amazon and Facebook has increased to a degree where a new entrant or affiliate stands very little to gain, especially, when starting out as the amount of research, time, and money required to get the process right is not only daunting but expensive.

A Review of The Kibo Code 2020

Developed by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, The Kibo Code is a program that aims to educate individuals on different ways of making profits through an affiliate e-commerce store without having to rely on increasingly competitive platforms like Amazon and Facebook for sales and leads.

This 8-week training program is divided into five modules that teach individuals all they need to know about successfully selling products online and generating sizeable returns. The Kibo Code is based on the model of a famous Tokyo based retail store that adopts a very different strategy when it comes to the selection of products. Instead of focusing on a particular niche, they sell products that simply sell the most and only stock inventory that is assured to fly off the shelves.

By keeping track of exactly what products are selling and what aren’t the store adjusts its inventory accordingly and this is exactly what the Kido Code does for online stores. Early beta-tests for the 2020 Kibo Code show students hitting daily run rates of 2k and more on as few as three products!

This new way of eCommerce marketing focuses on PRODUCTS rather than NICHES to enhance conversions and profitability and is much easier to understand and implement than other strategies and techniques with much lesser risk.

For more information or to register in the JV partners and affiliates program visit the kibo code review.

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