Alternative Packing Materials: How to Pack Without Boxes and Bubble Wrap

We all do what we can to help our environment. We know how precious this planet is and how we can help our planet remain green and pleasant. However, when we’re considering moving home, we usually want to use packaging materials that we know will work. Unfortunately, these materials can be harmful to our environment.

Do not worry, this article will show you some more environmentally-friendly materials that are just as effective. 

How Packing Materials are Harmful to the Environment

Let’s take a look at how some packing materials can harm the environment. The first commonly-used material is the old faithful cardboard box.

  • Cardboard boxes

When most people move house they use cardboard boxes. Some people buy the boxes from a supplier whereas others are happy to reuse old boxes.

When someone buys a new cardboard box, they might not be aware that they take a lot of energy to produce. In addition to this, if you decide to throw your cardboard boxes in the trash they could end up in landfills. This causes the boxes to break down and release greenhouse gases. We all know that greenhouse gases are not great for our environment. They contribute to climate change and make this planet just that little bit warmer.

If you insist on using cardboard boxes, please make sure you use boxes that are not new. Ask around, your friends and family might have some. Alternatively, they might know someone who has some to spare. Once you’ve moved house and unpacked everything consider either recycling the boxes or asking people in your community if they would like them.

  • Bubble wrap

Many people are more than happy to use bubble wrap to protect their belongings. However, it can be very harmful to the environment and wildlife. Did you know that leftover bubble wrap can be used to insulate your home? This is because it contains trapped air and it can, therefore, help your home to be a little warmer.

If you choose to discard your bubble wrap, please note that it can end up in a landfill. It will take many years to degrade, and it could end up harming wildlife. Why not use alternative materials that are less likely to cause harm?

Use Alternative Materials

Did you know that there are many alternative materials out there? Some of them can be just as good or better than boxes and bubble wrap. Many moving companies try to find alternatives. In fact, the best moving company in San Jose offers a diverse range of packing materials. Other local movers also use alternatives as often as they can. This is because they are responsible for California movers who wish to reduce their impact on the environment. If you wish to hire a moving company, whether it’s a San Francisco moving company or one that’s based in San Diego, for example, please make sure they offer a range of alternatives.

Alternative packing Materials

The great news is there are a lot of alternatives to use instead of the traditional packing boxes and bubble wrap. Let’s take a look at the alternative options now:

  • Reusable bags – If you are already quite environmentally-friendly, chances are you’ll already have some reusable bags in stock. Did you know they can come in very handy during your move? Why not place some of your items in them? They’re likely to be strong enough and ideal for moving many different items.
  • Plastic boxes you already have in stock – If you already have a lot of plastic boxes in stock why not use them to move your belongings? Plastic boxes can help to keep your items safe and dry. If you don’t already have any plastic boxes use a more environmentally-friendly option rather than buying any.
  • Newspapers and magazines – Did you know that newspapers and magazines can work just as well as bubble wrap? Use them to fill spaces in boxes and a few layers to keep your delicate items safe and secure. If you don’t have any newspapers and magazines in stock, ask around. Chances are, someone will have some, allowing you to wrap your breakables easily. Make sure you got a little further and recycle any leftover magazines and newspapers.
  • Towels – Towels might be the best alternative to bubble wrap you have in your home. Use them to keep your breakables safe. While towels can be heavy and make it harder for you to carry things, they are very useful.
  • Clothes – Why not use clothes that you no longer wear? They can be used as packing materials and packing. When you’re done with those clothes make sure you recycle them. You could take them to a charity shop or cut them up and use them as cleaning rags.
  • Bed sheets – When you use bedsheets to protect your items you will find that they do a good job. Try to avoid using new bedsheets as you could damage them. Bed sheets are quite large so there’s a potential for you to wrap your items in many different layers. This will ensure they stay protected during your move.
  • Socks – Did you know that you could use your socks to help protect glassware? Wrap those glasses in at least a few socks so you know they’re protected. Some of the best socks to use are thick ones, however, any kind of sock is better than none. If you only have thin socks
  • Blankets – Use blankets in the same way you would use bedsheets. Blankets are ideal as they offer a lot of protection. Some moving companies will even supply their own blankets so they can keep your items safe.

As you can see, there are some great alternatives to using boxes, bubble wrap, and other types of packing material. Why not do your bit to help protect the environment and use alternative packing materials that will work just as well? 

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