Anadrol vs Dbol: The One Best Way to Compare Them

Anadrol vs Dbol, Dbol vs Anadrol, both of them vs Superdrol… the Internet is full of comparisons. People want to get the best option possible, save both time and money, but unfortunately – there’s no clear winner. And this is why. 

What are Anadrol vs Dbol 

In short, these are powerful oral anabolic steroids, Dianabol and Anadrol. Fast-acting mass builders with short half-life and decades of impressive results behind each of the compounds. Among the benefits you get: 

  • Rapid muscle growth; 
  • Strength improvement with your record weights turning into warm-up; 
  • Endurance boost – thanks to enhanced RBC production; 
  • Long-lasting pumps that make you look full even hours after the workout. 

The problem with Anadrol vs Dbol comparisons is simple: they act practically the same, with tiny differences that make choosing a “better” one impossible. As with any other precise tool, Anadrol vs Dbol are situational. 

Anadrol vs Dbol Before Getting On Stage 

So, let the fight begin. Let’s see them in different situations.

In last-minute polishing — Dianabol wins for a simple reason: it’s “drier”. Anadrol, anecdotally, gives you more notable water retention. Among the effects: 

  • Puffiness; 
  • Round face; 
  • Edema; 
  • Swelling of the arms and legs; 
  • Overall bloated and “fuller” look. 

Don’t get it wrong, both Anadrol vs Dbol can’t compare with injectable compounds, like Deca Durabolin, in terms of water retention. Both are somewhat dry, but Dbol just gets all the water out more efficiently. 

Anadrol vs Dbol For Off-Season Bulking 

This is where Anadrol vs Dbol goes even: Anadrol is – again, anecdotally – more potent as a muscle builder than Dianabol. One of the drawbacks is water retention, but when you’re not planning to go to the beach or get on stage in the following months – it’s not a bad thing. 

You’ll go for a cutting cycle at some point and shed all the extra water off in no time if you know how to diet properly. If you don’t – maybe it’s too early for steroids anyway. Dieting is 90% of success, even on hardcore compounds like Anadrol vs Dbol.

The reason for it is in the chemical properties of the compounds. AS you may know, the “Point Zero” of measuring anabolic steroids power is Testosterone: it’s 100% anabolic (the actual muscle building potential) and 100% androgenic (male sex characteristics development in theory, but practically – more side effects). 

The difference between Anadrol vs Dbol here is clear: 

Anadrol is 320% anabolic and just 45% androgenic as Testosterone. It’s three times stronger than the natural male sex hormone. 

Dianabol is just 210% as anabolic as Testosterone, which is still impressive but not as impressive as Anadrol’s insane properties. Oh, and it’s 60% androgenic. 

When we get 320 vs 210… Anadrol’s victory on this point doesn’t need further justification. 

Anadrol vs Dbol For Strength Boost 

Simple as that: Anadrol gets ahead of Dbol and takes the lead with 2 points. Both anecdotally and scientifically, Anadrol can give you more strength than Dianabol in the same short period. 

The effect is attributed to the enhanced protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. In short, it depends on the same anabolic-androgenic ratio. 

Anadrol vs Dbol On Safety and Consequences 

Basically, this is the side effects comparison, but we can’t name a clear winner here: Anadrol vs Dbol side effects are dose-dependent and personal: 

Anecdotally, both compounds can give you gynecomastia (Dianabol is prone to aromatization. Anadrol is not aromatizing, but Anadrol has a thing called “mystery gyno” — in other words, male tits out of nowhere. 0 points to both. 

Anadrol – thanks to water retention – gives you more elevated blood pressure. Practically, it means: 

  • Headaches; 
  • Nose bleeds; 
  • Extreme sweating even on easy exercises; 
  • More significant risk of lasting heart health issues; 
  • Dizziness; 
  • Red-colored face. 

We would say that Dianabol is the winner here. Still, we can’t actually do it for a simple reason: Anadrol is FDA-approved for human use, it’s better researched in general, and has more studies that prove its safety than Dianabol (which is not approved by FDA or Health Canada). 

All in all, the compounds are pretty much equal on safety and health risks, so it’s still 2 to 1, and Anadrol is in the lead. 

Anadrol vs Dbol on Practicality

And this is where things turn entirely even. Dbol is way more practical than Anadrol. While it can be a personal preferences thing, here’s what we mean by practicality. Dbol is: 

  • Faster – 6 hours, instead of Anadrol’s 12-15 hours; 
  • Cheaper – $60-80 vs $100-120 for the same amount of pills; 
  • More flexible – can be a Kickstarter, can be a full-scale oral bulker, can be a beginner’s way to get acquainted with orals, can be a PRO-athlete’s tool for last-minute bulking. 

Anadrol vs Dbol History

It might be the most questionable way to compare the rivals, but we won’t count it — this part is here just for your information. 

Anadrol has become popular among bodybuilders almost by accident: it’s initially prescribed to AIDS patients to counter the muscle-wasting effects of their disease. It was developed with a clear target, and it wasn’t making an average gym maniac bigger and stronger. 

Dianabol is different: it was created with bodybuilding in mind. The “father” of the compound – Dr. John Ziegler, US national weightlifting team’s physician – got the idea of Dianabol after looking at the Soviet athletes that were juiced up to the point that they were literally vomiting before and after getting on stage. 

Dianabol was one of the first anabolic steroids that was more actually ANABOLIC than androgenic. The main target for Dianabol was pure performance enhancement. Again, it’s all romanticizing, but you get the point. We won’t count the “authenticity” points, as promised. 


We’d compare Anadrol vs Dbol in a dozen of different ways here as well, but you can see the trend: these two compounds are not the same enough to actually compete against each other. Choose the right compound for YOUR targets: it’s always the best answer to any comparisons of this kind, and Anadrol vs Dbol is not an exception. 

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