Another Year of CES: What Happened This Year?

You might know that Las Vegas, famously known as Sin City, is the best place to gamble. However, something else has been cooking in the city which is bound to change the way you and I live. On January 8, 2018, the Consumer Electronics Show was the major event which happened in the city. The event which occupies three million square feet of space in the City drew over 180,000 people this year. If you missed the game here are the details which you need to know.

What is CES?

The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual event which gives developers and innovators a chance to introduce and showcase their technological innovations. The show occurs annually, and for the last two years, it has been held in Las Vegas. Find Necessary Hi-Tech Smart Devices Easy on 4Prototypes.

The show hosts innovations from big and small companies. So, if you have an electronic change up your sleeve, then the CES is where you opt to feature it. For instance, in this year’s edition, there were over 1200 innovations from new startups.

What are the significant trends that are about to take off in 2019?

This year, things are about to go to the next level as technological innovations keep on taking the world by storm. For instance, the 5G connection is the most anticipated technological innovation which will change how the internet works. On the other hand, artificial intelligence, VR and AR, smart devices, drones, and they are also on the way.

However, one of the things which were showcased at the CES that is going to change your home is the new intelligent toilet. Yes, I know you must be intrigued by now. Imagine a bathroom which features voice control, and it is paperless; thus it rinses automatically before and after use with warm water. If you are smiling, then you should thank Kohler’s new bathroom collection.  They have good things in store for you and your bathroom.

What is new in CES?

The second year of the annual CES introduced a new category for its award. The CES awards seek to acknowledge new tech startups which have demonstrated innovations which can help save the earth and energy.  This year seven startups got to walk away with the CES awards. They include

  1. SmartEmbed Eddo drop. A device which you use while in the shower to regulate the amount of water you use.
  2. The Blue Whale Company Spy Can Compact: a smart valve that can recognize leaks in pipes.
  3. NanoScent: an innovation that can detect volatile organic compounds in the air.
  4. Heatworks MODEL 3 Water Heater. A device that heats your water 99% more efficiently.
  5. GoSun Fusion: A hybrid solar cooker.
  6. LUMI’IN FLEX: bright solar led street lamp that can be used in any post lamp.
  7. Connected Garden Archibald: your digital gardener

Which of these do you think can make it to the mainstream market? We are sure you wouldn’t want to miss the next event of CES.

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