Aspects of Lockdown You Might Not Have Been Prepared For

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The coronavirus pandemic and any resulting lockdown restrictions are a set of circumstances that very few people were likely prepared for in itself. That being said, once you knew that lockdown was coming to an area you lived in and you would be affected by it, you might have some notions about how it would proceed. Despite your best efforts, there are likely some areas that you didn’t predict or were flat-out wrong about.

This means that you have a chance now to prepare for those events as you encounter them. While this isn’t an ideal way to tackle a problem, it at least gives you something to occupy your time with if you’re otherwise struggling.

The Negatives of Virtual Social Events

The first port of call for many people after finding out that they wouldn’t be able to see their friends in physical form during the lockdown was to try and arrange virtual events that would function in much the same way. Say you wanted to have drinks with your friends; sitting next to them on the sofa and sitting opposite them while you’ve got them on video chat would surely offer the same experience, right? Well perhaps not. The pitfalls presented here might be larger than you expected, primarily due to the difficulties of understanding each other and the challenges presented by poor internet.

That’s okay though, you don’t have to do the same things as you would normally do – things aren’t as they normally would be, after all. This is a good time to find some alternative activities to spend your time on and perhaps even spend these weekends more constructively. While it’s difficult to be isolated, especially if you live by yourself, you can still flourish and learn to enjoy your own company as long as you aren’t suffering too much from the effects of loneliness (in which case it’s advisable that you seek some help or methods of coping with such feelings).

Coping with Spending so Much Time with People

The flip side of this can also present its own kind of problems. If you’re finding that you’re in a relatively small environment and you’re sharing that environment with friends or family, you might have noticed that tensions might indeed be starting to flare. They can flare about anything and the arguments might not necessarily be focused on the actual problem, but the root cause is likely the increased amount of time you’re spending in each other’s presence and how that’s affecting your sense of personal space.

This might very much be the case with your family, not only because it means there might be more than just a couple of you have to share the same space, but if children are involved, things could be made more stressful than they already are. If this sounds like a situation that you have become all too familiar with, then you might be looking for suggestions about how you can stay sane throughout such an ordeal. Luckily several others online have experienced this too and might be able to help you out.

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