A Beginner’s Guide to Mod APK

If you are an Android user, you might have come across the terms ‘Mod APK’ or ‘Modded APK.’ Have you wondered what they mean? Do you want to know about it? This article elaborates on what a mod APK is.

The APKs of certain apps (mostly gaming apps) provide access to only some features for free users. To access advanced features, the user has to pay a premium. Mod Apk is a modified version of an app’s APK through which you can access all the features for free, even those that you’ll have to pay for if you download the official version of the app. Sometimes, mod APK versions also provide better features.

Common doubts

The next question you will have is, how safe this version is. If it is not the official version, who is developing it? Is it risky?

Who makes the modified version?

The modded version of an app is developed by a third-party developer. Android is an open-source platform. One is free to take an app from the Play store and add his modifications to it. Some Android users first use the modded version of an app and then use the actual official version, so that they get a look at all the features provided by the app. Most of the modded apps do not require a rooting process.

Although developers have the right to rebuild any Android application, they do not have the permission to publish their version of the APK on Google Play Store. Therefore, you will not find any mod APKs on the Play store. You can, however, easily find the modded versions of popular apps on multiple websites. They are available for download.

Can you download it from various devices?

Although people largely use only mobile versions of an app, it is possible to download an Android modded APK on your laptop or PC as well. You first have to install an Android simulator software. There are hundreds of popular and free Android emulators available online, for PC users. Some emulator software allows you to download both – the official APK and the modded version on your laptop or PC. Also, some emulators can be used for both Windows OS and Linux.

Safe Websites to use

Here some safe websites to download mod apk files on your Android device. You should follow the instructions given on each one of them:

How safe is it?

By using a modified version of an app that gives access rights to only paid users, you are doing something illegal. Mod APKs come with an inherent risk. These modified apps also tend to have too many ads. Mod APKs are just a hacked version of the app made by the original developer. As it comes with the risk of malware attached to it, experts do not recommend downloading modified APK files. Even Google warns its users against downloading apps from unknown sources.

However, if you still want to download the modded APK, take precautions. Make sure your phone is not rooted. Use an effective antivirus that will scan for malware. Be aware of the permissions that you are granting to the app. If it is not related to the app functionality or looks suspicious, do not download it.

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