Discover the Different Benefits of Essential Oils

They are all over social media, all over health blogs, all over wellness blogs, exercise and meditation blogs, skincare blogs – essential oils are being discovered by numerous people each and every single day. So what is it about essential oils that have everyone clamoring to try them? It could be because there is no chemicals or additives within the compounds but, instead, they are pure from the source.

There are essential oils that benefit you mentally, essential oils that benefit you physically and even essential oils that can benefit you in your cooking. There is an essential oil for everything, and the best thing is that they are extremely versatile. One essential oil might have benefits for numerous categories. That is why people are turning to essential oils for their needs and shying away from chemically enhanced products.

Essential oils are derived from multiple sources but typically are plant-based. Interested in learning more about their benefits and why people are looking for the best to improve their lifestyle? Then don’t change your browser tab now!

What are Essential Oils Exactly?

To determine the benefits that essential oils can bring to you, it is important to learn exactly what essential oils are. These vials contain oils that are derived from plant sources and you generally can only get essential oils from plants that offer some sort of benefit. While the benefit of your chosen essential oil may vary, they should offer something to the user.

The oil is removed from the plant through distillation or cold pressing process and then captured in their purest form to be sold through a third-party distributor. They can be purchased through online stores or at your local whole health store.

These oils are not always safe to use in their purest form and carefully followed instructions are a definite requirement to using them. In the case of skincare, the essential oil can be too strong to be applied directly to the skin, so a carrier oil (coconut oil, hemp oil, shea butter, etc.) is required for dilution. The same goes for using essential oils in cooking, as they should be diluted in water before being ingested. Diffuser use is ok to use in their purest form as the diffuser does the work of diluting the oil and it isn’t ingested or placed on the skin.

Benefits – Mentally

Depending on the essential oil chosen, users can experience the following mental benefits:

  • Alleviation of stress, tension and anxiety. Lavender is a common one to use in this case and can invoke a feeling of calm throughout someone who is using essential oils in a diffuser. Sleep sprays can also be made from lavender sprays to encourage restful sleep.
  • Invoke energy in the user. Lemon is a common scent that evokes a feeling of adrenaline or energy in the person scenting it. This effect can last up to an hour when used properly and waken the mind up to complete a task required.

Benefits – Physically

As previously mentioned, essential oils can also have physical benefits for these users which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Increase appetite for users. Those who are suffering from eating ailments could use Lemon to increase their appetite. Its scent travels to the brain where it stimulates the eating glands and the user will feel pangs of hunger.
  • It can diminish skin-related issues. Those who are suffering from dry skin, red or swollen patches, itchy spots, dandruff, and even dark circles can use a wide variety of essential oils for a reduction in symptoms. As stated, pure essential oils are not recommended on the skin as it can cause a negative reaction such as a burn due to the strength but when used in a carrier oil, it can become your go-to moisturizer.
  • It can reduce stomach issues such as nausea or diarrhea when scented into the air. A popular one for this is peppermint essential oil.
  • It can cure headaches caused by various sources such as tension, sinuses and so forth. Peppermint is a good one for this as well as it opens the nasal passageways and allows airflow to increase.


As we’ve just discovered, essential oils are the jack of all trades in numerous categories. They can alleviate stress and stress-related symptoms, they can be used in your skincare routine to reduce the symptoms from skin problems, and they can even be used in different meals to add another layer of flavor to the dish.

Essential oils are not just for women though as men can also benefit from introducing essential oils to their daily routine. While some ways men can use essential oils are the same as women in terms of relaxation and stress reduction or in terms of skincare maintenance; they can also choose the essential oils that are best for men to use. Head over the to find out more.

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