Best 5 Office Productivity Gadgets

With work from home (WFH) becoming a norm everywhere, we all are coming across with productivity issues. Considering time as a valuable resource, every productivity tool that saves time may seem worth the money. For optimizing our productivity at work, whether home or office, we bring you the answers.

When a significant portion of your working hours is spent on the desk, we cannot remain at the top of our performance all the time. As your productivity dwindles, these gadgets improve your workflow, precisely the way you want it. It’s hard to ignore such tools, as it makes work more convenient by contributing to your overall output for the day.

Here are your five helping hands at work.

1. Wall Calendars

Now, these may sound like outright conventional even more so when various time management and tracking sheets are available as software. However, the visual appeal of a laminated wall calendar is instrumental at work. It reminds you, keeps the team on the same page while ensuring that nothing slips from your mind. You can even have one for each executive or the department.

By adding it to your blank wall, you can add to it almost everything that needs to be remembered.

2. Monitor Stands

The Desk monitor stand is a customizable arrangement for your computer monitors. Apart from offering comfort and productivity, it has health benefits too. As you spend hours on a project, it can give you a painful crick in your neck. Moreover, staring on the screen all day causes dry and tired eyes. Get a monitor stand to get rid of it, with the right ergonomic placement at your desk.

Also, when the monitor is stationery or in the wrong position, it can lead to a poor body posture and eventually, one health issue or the other. Chronic back and joint problems are common in such scenarios and can impact your health in a big way. Monitor stand not only helps you by ensuring the posture is correct; it also allows you to create an immersive work station with a provision for two or even three screens.

3. Solar Powered Battery Charger

We hate to disconnect the call because the phone battery has almost drained. For these zero battery situations when there are no electric plugs available, this solar-powered battery charger is your ideal work companion. It will even work for your tablet or other similar devices.

Its simple, convenient and a great utility. Place this charger near a window where natural light is available, as the battery gets charged using solar power. How cool is that?

4. Warming Coffee Mug

No one can resist a hot coffee before starting a hectic day at work. However, what if gets cold even before you take the first sip? It won’t happen with this self-warming coffee mug. Start your day right with these coffee mugs. Use it once, and it becomes an essential productivity gadget at your desk.

As it is USB based, there is no need to locate the power socket; you only need to plug-in to your computer. Everyone will love the way it sits on your table; this exciting gadget is way better than those old insulated bottles.

5. Desk Organizer

This fantastic office tool will never go out of service. These all in one desk organizers have sliding sections that are adjustable as per your increasing office files and other important stuff. It will accommodate almost everything. This top-rated office tool helps you organize your desk efficiently and adds to your productivity.

With these amazing office productivity tools, stay on top of your work every day. Each of these five gadgets is useful, fun to use, and will be favourite once you start using these.