Best CSGO Surf Maps for Beginners

Counter-Strike is one of the most popular games in the world. Avid amateurs and standing experienced gamers actively play it and know all the places that can be victorious. So it is important for beginners to know the baseline and helpful insights. 

The feeling of the game is pretty ordinary, which is why the developers created a surfer with more interesting maps. Check it out and start enjoying it! But before discovering new horizons and exploring exciting locations, be sure that you are ready to start. Check your armor and do not forget about the fracture case CS:GO with weapons.

Where to Start: Surf Maps for New CS: GO Players

Let’s start with the most popular beginner surfer (surf_beginner). This is the simplest map, even by the name you can understand it. Players are advised to start with this surf to begin practicing and develop their skills.

Additionally, there is a list of other interesting maps that will be beneficial for your progress:

  1. Mastering new maneuvers (surf_utopia). Glide and frequency are taken as the basis which will improve your benchmark as an operational improvement. You learn new maneuvers in preparation for the rounds, and the background gives you lightness and elasticity.
  2. Neon level (surf_kitsune). The neon lines on which you slide correspond to the desire to be faster and get into the frames, you get a grip from the increased skill of sliding. Also, the developers have given level 2.0 – on the final of this.
  3. For experienced surfers (surf_mesa). A clean surface, graceful lines, and a thoughtful bunch of atmosphere are what you should expect. Thanks to this, you will really improve your skills. This is your ability to learn new things and the orientation of the territory.

To sum up, the favorite one among CS: GO players is surf_lux. Describing it can be compared with the azure’s incredibly deep cellars. It has precise lines and a rather winding road. This map is far from boring. But there will be a rush of captivating emotions without unnecessary fatigue.

What Else to Take Into Account?

There are other alternative surf maps to take into consideration. Some players find them exciting and rate them higher than the above-listed ones:

  • Surf_Zoomboys_CSGO is a themed game that is different from the rest, simple, combo lines.
  • surf_lax – for real professionals, if you are like that, then go ahead. At first, it may seem complicated, confusing, and pointless. But once you figure it out, you will hone your skills, and the rest of the cards after it seem like nonsense.
  • surf_snowslide is one of the most unusual surfers. Snow peaks with a castle theme will give you a real feeling because the map is large-scale and will attract the interest of everyone.
  • surf_intothewild – don’t like snow, look into the jungle. With mountains with sharp tops and deep valleys, you will be given a relaxing feeling. Favorite of many players.
  • surf_summer – base map. The difference lies in inattentiveness.
  • surf_master is a popular map. It has half a million subscribers and is suitable for beginners like no one else. The server gives the path from beginning to end, and that is the master surfer.
  • surf_Ski_2_GO – everyone’s favorite passion. Slopes, loops, and sharp movements will appeal to everyone, which means that you will like this site. Many people like the fact that there is an unreal height, it evokes feelings of parkour on the towers of Manhattan – and here, of course, the ocean is better.
  • surf_greatriver_2015 – stylish surf map. A huge arsenal – the delight of what he saw. Feelings of a separate island and untouchable possibilities. Easy to lift and gentle glide – relax for real!

Surfboards are suitable for anyone. Note that whether you are a beginner or a master, exciting pastime and levered-up gaming skills are guaranteed for everyone.

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