Best Drawing Software Programs For Your MacBook

MacBooks have always been the preferred computer for creative artists, designers, writers, etc. More often than not, it’s quite possibly the very reason you elected to get yourself one. They naturally offer many useful features and extensive functionalities that can be very invaluable when pursuing your creative endeavors and the most important thing is that they are very reliable. So, whether that is in editing movies or videos, editing high-quality imagery, writing, music production even drawing! However, within each of these industries, there is a multitude of software to choose from, so deciding on what best suits you can be very difficult. For this reason, in this article, we’re going to focus on drawing artists and which Mac apps we believe should suit your work best!

Which Drawing App Should I Use?

As mentioned before, it can be quite tricky figuring out which is the best drawing app that will suit you best. There are several options to choose from, whether it be free or premium; or, choosing between the ones that allow for simple drawings or more precise drawing. It depends on what kind of extensive functionality you require to get the job done.

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As such, the apps that we’ve put together below should have something that appeals to all, whether it be a Paint alternative for Mac, a simple sketching app or a more professional software that is utilized by professional artists as well. On a side note, make sure to always keep your Mac plugged in with a 20v usb c charger for example, when running high-performance drawing apps as they tend to consume power significantly.

  1. Preview

For those looking to do some simple basic sketches on their Mac, you don’t need to download any kind of complex or professional software app. You can simply utilize Apple’s own proprietary drawing app, Preview. Now, most users may think that Preview is just a simple image/PDF viewer, but this software can be very useful for those who aren’t working on complex sketches and it can do so much more than just that if you know how to effectively operate it.

  1. Paintbrush

This is a classic sketching application that is still heavily used among most Windows users. Apple used to also have a similar drawing application called, MacPaint, but was later discontinued until some developers came up with a similar Mac painting alternative called Paintbrush. This sketch software program is a near copy of the original Paint software that you used to know and features an extensive yet similar set of tools such as paint bucket, magic wand, spray, pencil, collar variations, etc.

  1. Sketch

The sketch was developed just a few years back and was made to be a useful alternative to complicated and overly extensive drawing programs like Adobe Illustrator. The software is mostly utilized by digital design artists, with everything done in vector. This means that all shapes are easily and infinitely changeable, unlike other less extensive programs like Paintbrush. Those who opt to use Sketch for their design projects can make high-quality illustrations or mockups whether it be for a brand, website, apps, etc. The only issue with this drawing software is that it is only free for a limited time only (one month) after which, you will have to pay an annual fee. This can be discouraging for those users who only intend to use the app a few times on occasion. As such, Sketch isn’t the most accessible or preferable choice, especially for beginners.

  1. MediBang Paint Pro

MediBang is very similar to Sketch but offers much more extensions and functionality for artists like; custom layers and fonts. The program was originally designed for comic and storyboard artists but became popular by those Mac users who were searching for a more versatile drawing tool. It is now highly regarded as the best free drawing Mac application in the current market.

The only problem is that, considering how it was primarily designed for comic sketch artists, it can be hard to adapt for other drawing purposes, so it requires quite a bit of expertise and practice when utilizing it for other things. Additionally, the developers are slow to roll out new updates and currently, it is unavailable for Mac users who are using Catalina OS or Big Sur OS, since there aren’t any new security updates yet. In other words, it is only available if you haven’t upgraded your Mac OS to any of these system updates yet.

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  1. Tayasui Sketches

Considered one of the best drawing programs, Tayasui Sketches is an intuitive drawing program that is highly preferred and used by many designers, artists, illustrators, etc. It essentially supports a wide range of theme layers and drawing tools. As such, if we were to recommend the best software from this list, then this one would take the top spot and once you download it and get acquainted with its functionality, you will visibly see why it’s so highly recommended. Plus, the huge benefit of the program is that it’s free!


For all those creative artists and sketchers looking for the perfect drawing tool to accomplish their work, then this guide should have all the answers you are looking for, whether it’s for quick illustrations or more complex and detailed digital paintings. You should also have an external storage space prepared, eg. a sd card, to help you back up your work and this includes purchasing a reliable sd card reader for sale, as well.

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