Best Fun, Educational Activities to Do With Your Kids

Best Fun, Educational Activities to Do With Your Kids

Your children aren’t and shouldn’t be confined to learning only at school. They can even learn better at home with their parents’ help, guidance, attention, and care. Not everything is taught at school. Therefore, whenever your kids are at home with you, use this opportunity to make education fun and exciting.

You can find useful activities that are used by progressive tutors and tutoring centers, such as the Hong Kong Wan Chai Tuition Centre (灣仔 補習 ). Modern-time educators offer different educational, interactive, and fun activities to kids to aid learning rather than focusing solely on textbooks.

However, if you’re interested in engaging with fun and educational activities with your kids at home, follow these awesome 8 ideas in this article below!

1.    Cook or Bake With Your Kids

Cooking or baking includes so much more than simply preparing an item, so take out time at the weekends to bake or cook anything your children want. It could be anything from chocolate cookies to crispy fries.

During the process, ask your kids to hand over the ingredients to you. You can also follow a recipe on the internet, so your kids can interpret it. Ask them how much a quarter cup or a pinch of salt is.

This way, you are teaching them math and cognitive skills. You will also be helping in your child’s language development by encouraging them to pronounce different or new words.

2.    Help Them Learn About Different Cultures

In order to help your kids embrace cultural diversity and be more acceptable to the culture of people from different ethnicities, you should teach them about different cultures in the world.

You can show them pictures on the internet as to how they dress up, tell them what their national dish is, and what languages they speak.

Ask them to learn one or two words from that particular language, or you can cook together a national dish of another country. Using a non-digital map (globe) to explain how far away these countries are from your home can further facilitate their geography knowledge.

3.    Teach Them Gardening

There’s so much to gardening than simply growing a plant or fruit and vegetable. Gardening will teach your kids about different kinds of plants, the step-by-step growth process, how plants are grown, and different types of nutrients.

You can also ask your children to record their observations in their journals every other day, so they can learn better. If you are not even aware of the basics of gardening, you can easily find a plethora of tutorials on YouTube.

4.    Play Educational Board Games

What can be better than enjoying an educational board game with your kids as a family with zero screen time? There are plenty of educational games or puzzles you can find and order online, such as scrabble and monopoly.

These games will help in the decision-making and thinking process, and they will simultaneously learn new vocabulary and patience.  

5.    Paint or Draw Together

Almost every kid loves drawing or painting. Use this as an opportunity to teach them about different colors and what happens when you mix two colors together.

Ask them to draw or paint anything they like and let them explain their drawing later on. This way, you will be feeding their imagination as well as learning.

6.    Download Fun Workbooks or Printables

The best thing about the internet is that you have access to a wide variety of printable fun and educational resources. Whether you want science, math, geography, or English workbook, scour for it on t

Best Fun, Educational Activities to Do With Your Kids
Beautiful african american toddler playing with maths game using numbers at kindergarten

he internet and download it.

Some of them ask to draw or connect the dots to get the answer, while others can feature a story full of humor or lots of creative cartoons. So, your kids won’t even feel like they are filling in a tedious-looking school workbook.

7.    Watch an Educational Documentary

Reserve a family movie night on the weekend for an educational and fun documentary. Prepare some popcorn and watch it together with your kids. Before opting for a documentary, you can ask what your kids would like to watch.

After watching the documentary, you can ask them several questions or even discuss the topic. These documentaries are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and even YouTube. They are usually based on animals, the universe, sports, science, etc.

8.    Try Science Experiments at Home

Now, the science experiments at home with kids obviously don’t have to be about explosions and chemicals. You can do simple yet educational and fun science activities at home to make them understand the basic concepts in a better way.

For example, you can do a ringing-ears-sound experiment with the help of 2 metal spoons and a thread to educate your kids about how sound travels through metal objects.

You can also try the Coke-and-Mentos experiment to explain the reaction of CO2 and the invisible-ink experiment to demonstrate the effect of acidic juice on colors. For more scientific experiments ideas, search the internet. 

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