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Baccarat is no longer a game for the rich and you don’t have to be dressed in a tuxedo or a fancy evening dress to play. Thanks to new modern technology, you can enjoy this game right from the coziness of your living room. Online casinos have made it convenient for punters to enjoy different Baccarat games from anywhere at a very reasonable amount. However, you need to use a betting strategy to boost your chances of winning more. Though there are many types of Baccarat strategies to choose from, you must consider the ones that are logical, easy to understand and those that can lower the house edge to your favor. However, being a game of chance, you only need a few strategies to increase your win rate. Many successful Baccarat gamers use the strategies we have shared below. Are you ready to be counted among the experts?

Strategy 1: One-Sided Baccarat Game Strategy

The game of Baccarat comes with three different bets or possible outcomes – the Banker, Player, and Tie. With the One-Sided Strategy, you are supposed to concentrate on one type of bet, i.e. the Banker. Although it may seem simple, this technique can alter the odds to be in your favor. What is not known to many players is that both sides – Player and Banker – at some point can gain an advantage. This happens 8 out of 10 times during a shoe. The strategy requires you to stake at the beginning of a new Baccarat shoe and it is recommended that you set a target that you will strive to achieve.

Strategy 2: Trend Switch Baccarat Game Strategy

As you may be aware, there are four basic trends in Baccarat, including the Streaky Banker or Player and the ZigZag Zone. You will need to apply flat betting and follow the provided guidelines for the trends. In case you lost twice on either of the two trends rather than stopping, you can switch to the other trend. However, you need a wider overall stop loss, i.e. 12 and a target of around 8+. This strategy can increase your odds of hitting the target to around 65% and the odds of not hitting the target but still profiting to around 85%.

Strategy 3: Breaking the Doubles Baccarat Game Strategy

This strategy is favorite among Baccarat gamers because it helps in beating the house edge. With this method, you wager opposite and when the ZigZag pattern continues, you just bet with it. In case you lose, it is recommended to Double Down Once. The general stop loss on each shoe that is played should be 9-. In a case where you have lost the bet, you should stop and wait for the reset and if you lose with the Banker, then you wager on the Player.

Strategy 4: Ignore the Tie Bet

Like the Insurance bet in Blackjack, the Tie bet is not to be used while playing Baccarat. This bet pays 8-1 whenever a tie occurs about 9 times in every 10 hands. It means that you lose 9 of every 10 wagers, as such, you need a big bankroll to survive to lose on the streaks. Additionally, though the chances of hitting a tie are 1 out of 10, it is not guaranteed it will be so.

Strategy 5: Check the Odds of the Game

Understanding the odds of the game is not only useful in Baccarat but all other online casino games. Note that there are no uniform or standard odds in casino gaming. Some online casino operators offer favorable odds than others on some games and wagers. It is essential to research and find odds that are in your favor in whichever game. In the Baccarat game, the Players bet offers 1:1 odds, Tie bet is 8:1 while the Banker bet is always at 5%.

Strategy 6: Understand the Rules

It is vital to understand the rules of playing before you start playing the Baccarat game. Also, you should know about specific rules of the table you at before you stake money. This will help you know the rules that work for you and the ones that don’t.

Strategy 7: Learn Bankroll Management Skills

Like other casino games, there is losing and winning in an online Baccarat game. This strategy will help you to enjoy gaming for a longer time and reduce the chances of losing all your money at once. For instance, if your budget is $200, you can split it into smaller amounts and spread it to different games.

Strategy 8: Always Practice

Online casinos offer both free and real money versions of Baccarat game. The trial version gives you the chance to practice and create a strategy that will increase the winning opportunities. It is also an opportunity to learn about the rules, odds and more about the game.

Bottom Line

We have shared some of the best online Baccarat game strategies that will make you win more and enjoy playing. Baccarat is among the oldest and most exciting games. If you have mastered the rules, understood the odds, and learned bankroll management skills, then you are ready to play Baccarat like James Bond.

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