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The concept of video search engines is the same as conventional search engines where you enter a keyword, and all the videos relevant to the keyword show up. If you are looking for some entertainment and want to pass some lifeless days, YouTube is perfect, but if you want a real video search engine, here are a few choices. This list includes the best video search engines right now, and which one is the best of them all.

Google Video

Starting with one of the most popular video search engines until 2009, Google Video offers one of the largest collections of videos. Google Video was initially used as a platform to share your home-made videos to a wide range of audiences. However, because of YouTube gaining wide popularity at that time, Google Video never managed to capture a significant market share. But it is still active and working well, and you can search from any music video or movie trailer easily on Google Video.

Petey Vid

Launched in 2018, Petey Vid has gained massive popularity because of its specific and diverse video sharing experience. With more than 65 million listed videos, Petty Vid is one of the most solid contenders in the race of the best video search engines. Moreover, this search engine has a smart AI that shows videos that are relevant and reflective of the current trends and affairs. One of the most crucial and standout features of Petey Vid is its freedom and privacy. It is one of those rare search engines that are designed for the users and not for the advertisers.

Yahoo Video

Yahoo Video search engine works similarly to that of Google. Once, Yahoo Video used to be one of the most popular video search engines alongside Google Video. Still, with the rising popularity of YouTube and other video search engines, it lost its popularity. But till now, Yahoo Video makes it to one of the best video search engines because of its advanced search capabilities and featured search content. Moreover, Yahoo Video search is available throughout the country-based websites, thereby delivering better location-based results.

Bing Video

BingVideo was previously known as Microsoft’s Live Search Video and provides access to various music videos, TV shows, and popular web videos. The search engine offers categorized tags for better search categorization. It also offers multiple search filters, including video length, upload date, etc. Additionally, Bing Video can also be integrated into Bing News and other Bing services.


Previously acquired by AoI, Truveo is another popular video search engine. One of the standout features of this website is that you can find video content that is hosted by various websites like BBC, FOX News, YouTube, NBC, etc. Truveo offers multiple categories like music, sports, news, entertainment, etc. to provide wide search options and varieties.  You also get an opportunity to select videos from the preloaded list of channels, videos, and TV shows.

Which Platform is The Best?

This question can be a tricky one because the answer will depend on your requirements. If you are looking for a large number of videos and hours of endless scrolling, Google Video search might be the ideal video search for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a video search engine that offers excellent search functionality and filters, you can consider trying Bing Video and Yahoo Video search engines.

If you are looking for a video streaming platform for entertainment and having fun, YouTube is the evergreen choice. Lastly, if you want the best overall video search engine that not online provides a large number of videos with advanced search modifications but provides you privacy and freedom as well, Petey Vid is an ideal choice for you.

Why Petey Vid?

If you have ever used Google Video search, you must have faced this problem. When you type in a query, say “how to make money online?” Google will provide thousands of video results, most of them being from YouTube. That is the primary concern with Google Video; if you search for a query, it will prioritize YouTube videos because Google owns YouTube. This monopoly does not allow users to get access to uncensored and noninvasive data.

Other video search engines like Bing and Yahoo provide sponsored videos, thereby manipulating your search experience. Petey Vid, on the other hand, is a video search engine that is dedicated to the users. You will not find any advertisements or placements on Petey Vid.

Talking about search functionality, categorization, and filters, Petey Vid provides query responses from all over the web to provide you with an accurate result to your search query. This video search engine also allows you to search for videos using hashtags. When it comes to a user-friendly interface, Petey Vid excels in that department. It is the first-ever video search engine that offers the option of a grid or list view.

YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform and very rightly so. Let it be music, drama, comedy, motivation, or news; YouTube serves your purpose. But, when it comes to searching for a specific topic or query, YouTube struggles. If you don’t believe it, try experimenting yourself. Search for a very specific topic on both YouTube and Petey Vid. On YouTube, you will find a lot of videos; most of them will be generic and extensive to the topic. On the other hand, the results provided by Petey Vid will be accurate and to the point.


Video searches are one of the most popular search engine applications, with more than 70 percent of the total internet users using video search. However, finding the best video search engine that is excellent in every department can be challenging. When looking for a video search engine, you should look for a platform that gives you privacy and freedom while searching your queries. Additionally, the search engine should be able to provide specific results answering specific questions. On top of that, if the search engine can provide advanced search options, it can act as icing on the cake.

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