Biathlon. World Cup 2020 World Cup Ends: Race Results

An incredible voltage Norwegian-French duel continued in the final race of the World Cup in Italy Antholz! Four representatives of two leading biathlon countries this year entered the men’s mass start. And all eight athletes finished in the top ten! If you want to catch up on other sports news, follow website.

The last day of the championship is generously distributed to those to whom Antholz “owed”. Johannes Boe, to the joy of giving birth to his first child this winter, was sorely lacking personal professional success. The Norwegian significantly complicated the fight in the overall World Cup standings by skipping two stages, but in order to win personal gold at the main start of the season, there was still one chance.

Johannes used this opportunity one hundred percent! Forgetting all the failures of the past two weeks, Beau Jr. gave out the perfect race, becoming the only one hundred percent sniper in it! And when the Norwegian has no problems at the firing lines, it is useless to compete with him – this was already mastered by rivals in the peloton.

The Frenchman, spending his best season in his career, managed to establish himself as a true master of contact racing, and today once again confirmed this! Even the three laps of the penalty earned at the firing lines did not stop him from seasoning his victory in the relay with a silver medal in his personal race – this is the second in this championship!

And the real decoration of the last circle was the confrontation between Tarja Boe and Emilien Jacqueline. For a 24-year-old Frenchman, Antholz became a high point – here he already became a two-time world champion, but the ambitions of a young and impudent athlete forced him to put an exclamation mark on the last start!

Jacqueline left the distance of the last lap, ahead of Tarja by seven seconds. But in half a circle the Norwegian eliminated this handicap. And when a few hundred meters before the finish the Norwegian stepped forward, taking a more advantageous trajectory, it seemed to be a fraternal double on the podium.

But Emilien had a special opinion on this! Finding a loophole on the track, he squeezed forward along the inner radius with several powerful jerks and went to the finish line first! Given the configuration of the final meters, the Norwegian no longer had a chance to get around the motivated opponent – Jacqueline the third!

World Cup leader Martin Fourcade in today’s race fought for positions in the top ten and minimize losses in total. A result is the seventh place, and now his superiority over national team-mate Cantin Fillon Maye is 76 points. And behind the French duo, Johannes Boe is selected, for whom now 98 points behind Martin – a lot, but not insurmountable. Wow, and the fight is expected at the finish of the season!

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